Virtual Particle Hype

Given IRL virtual particle research and actual results showing that they exist and interact with matter, we should be using them more in-game!


Here are a few cool ideas:



Name: Virtual Particle Plasma Thruster (VPP Engine)

Type: Passive Engine module for Secret Project ships

Rank: 15

Tooltip: Using virtual particles to create plasma, these thrusters don’t consume fuel, leading to an exponentially increased efficiency. Increases maximum speed by 25% but decreases acceleration by 20%.


Name: Virtual Particle Barrier

Type: Passive Shield module for Secret Project ships

Rank: 15

Tooltip: Creates a small solid barrier in the direction of incoming explosives that absorbs 75% of the damage and bounces away mortars for 2 seconds every 5 seconds. Only activates after recieving damage and stays in the same direction. If a ship hits the barrier, the collision damage is increased by 3x.


Name: Virtual Particle Railgun

Type: Primary weapon for Secret Project ships

Rank: 15

Damage: 1,150 Kinetic

RoF: 245 rpm

Critical chance: 20%

Critical bonus: 50%

Projectile Speed: 4,750m/s

Firing range: 3,575m

Overheat/cooling: 8/2 seconds

Tooltip: Using a virtual particle condensing array, and the latest magnetic accelerator technology, this strange weapon can fire virtual particles through objects. Up to 1,600m away from the pilot, projectiles will fly through two objects before interacting with something.


Name: Modified Virtual Particle Condenser

Type: Passive Hull module for Secret Project ships

Tooltip: Using modified alien technology, this condenser uses virtual particles to create extra armor plates around the ships’ hull. Each plate can absorb 1,000 damage. Number of plates depends on the size of the ship.


Name: False Vacuum Bomb

Type: Active Module for Secret Project ships

Energy: 400

Recharge: 100 seconds

Tooltip: Drops a massive bomb that contains one atom of Ununoctium at its core. After 15 seconds of highlighting a specific area, a light-speed explosion occurs and all ships in a 2,500m radius lose 90% of their remaining hull.


  1. Virtual Particle Resonance Reactor

Type: Passive Capacitor module for Secret Project ships

Tooltip: Using a compact fuel refinery combined with a virtual particle generator, this module passively regenerates 1% of fuel and 150 energy every 3 seconds that the user is not using active modules or weapons.





Put up for review.

interesting ideas, the devs will probably just fankenstein these into ellydium ships  though