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My very first try at sector conquest. I know I didn’t get a high efficiency score at the end but I got the most kills AND I was the only one defending. If you have the defender flag at the central top you should gain 50 Eff points every 30 seconds or so. Defending is just as useful as being on the offensive.

Tell me what you think about how I play and the video quality.


at least music is good… your FPS is below what human eye like to call “normal” and it is choking, i would not say it is pleasant to watch. 

P.S. Dat JLRF build… thank you for smiles

I’m curious… why this particular setup for your LRF?

Do you mean ship modifiers, active modules or both?

EM Scattering Field is great for slipping behind enemy lines. I can also destroy many ships if my teammates serve as a good enough distraction.

Shield booster because I shield tank.

IR Pulsar because I can be more mobile if I choose to be instead of EM field.

WO because I prefer more damage, maneuverability, time to think and a wider range of time to detonate the torp over the speed of TC.

Also I don’t use A1MA or Reverse thruster cuz they make me feel like I have no skill whatsoever.

Heavy Short range laser:

2400 range.

About 40 crit chance with 160 or 180 crit bonus I think. Can’t remember dps stats.

Also I don’t use A1MA or Reverse thruster cuz they make me feel like I have no skill whatsoever.


A1MA kinda takes the fun out of things… RT I’m not sure, since I don’t have it. I’m going to have to drop IR pulsar for it if I do get myself a set of RT, but I like IR too much.


My setup is pretty simple: shield resist, shield heal, IR pulsar and TC. I used to run WO and TC, but I realize I don’t really use them often. My main weapon usually has a comfortable range, so I rarely launch torps. My hit chance with TC is higher than WO due to the fast missile speed, and usually I launch torps from really far away so TC brings me back in control of my ship more quickly. It’s not the best setup, so I’m asking around for other builds and seeing how each one fares.



Considering that i was switching up my hands in that video and recording made me a bit laggy I think i did pretty well. I wasn’t playing smart though. Also Jasan wanted me to show off his beacon caps. The music is awfully wierd though.

The music is awfully wierd though.


You did a good music choice.

Showcasing the new Abandoned Complex map. It shows how hard it is to pilot a fat lard frigate in a tight space. The girth of the complex needs to be bigger XD






this should become something known among the players, tough the warp gate should be from the start. i lost with that minotaour first but what do you do xd



What’s the purpose of the video? It’s literally you panicking every time you get shot. By the way as a captain even cloaked people still know where you are.

I know people can still see me while cloaked. It breaks locks and makes it hard to hit me unless you got lasers or AOE weapons.

I think you would be careful also if you had less than optimal ping and horrible FPS. But I wasn’t panicking the whole time. I took fire and returned fire. I was trigger happy on the shield booster because that’s the way you are supposed to use it. It isn’t instant like hull repair kit.

I think you would be careful also if you had less than optimal ping and horrible FPS.


Which gives me more reasons to ask why did you record the video. I’m pretty sure the recording wasn’t helping with your horrible fps.

Nice spawncamp, I guess?

So you want me to go after the enemy captain? I tried. Twice! They were being lead by a coward. If they were simply unskilled I wouldn’t have spawncamped them. I would have pulled back.

Bumper Cars was pretty funny :smiley:

The song represents the way I feel about the enemy captain.