VGS commands

The idea, taken from many other games could (potentially) improve alot teamplay.

For those who do not know what a “VGS” command is, it is a sequence of keys that outputs a command/voice command. In Tribes, for example, pressing “V” key would open a small window that showed the types of command for each key (“A” key for attack command, for example) and for each type of command there were several commands (for example, “VAT” was “Attack the enemy turrets”).

Here’s a tree of vgs commands that would be fine for this game:



–VAA: “Attack ‘A’ beacon”

–VAB: “Attack ‘B’ beacon”

–VAC: “Attack ‘C’ beacon”


–VDA: “Defend ‘A’ beacon”

–VDB: “Defend ‘B’ beacon”

–VDC: “Defend ‘C’ beacon”


–VHM: “Follow me”/“I need help” (Idea: could mark you for all the allies within the range of your command module)


–VEI: “Enemy interceptor in sight”

–VEA: “Enemy fighter in sight”

–VEF: “Enemy frigate in sight”

–VES: “Enemy sniper!” (idea: if used when a ship with desintegrator is within the range of your sensors, that ship gets marked even for allies too far to see it normally)

And so on… (didn’t cout taunts, those could be added if the VGS system is successful)

If you have any suggestion, you’re free to write it

wow and to think i heard about tribes and started playing it 1-2 weeks ago lol

the VGS system is incredibly usefull especialy to those who dont use TS/vent , soo +1 here.

also i suggest that to prevent griefing and spamming a mute of sort needs to be applied

a kick system can be nice too V:

TA gets so noisy somtimes ._.

Yes, hopefully star conflict wont be full of jerks.

But yeah an anti-spam system and a kicking system (with reason showed on everyone’s screen, not like Tribes) should be included in that case. (obviously bots should be protected from the kick system /captain obvious)

OT: Enjoy it man, it’s awesome, I stopped playing months ago because my average ping moved from 50-60 to 70-80 on both european servers, and couldn’t get my 4-5 blue plates per match anymore, frustrating. If you please, you could visit my Youtube account, “Kingdrakeable” to see some frag movies :wink:

The implementation of that system is a very good idea.

However, will it be still useful while in midfight/with default keymapping?

Well it would need testing, and i doubt the devs will priorize that system high enough

to finish before initial release.

Keep up the good work though, maybe there is a suitable solution the community could bring up,

like macros that type n send team-textmessages