Veto battle mode, personal battle mode preference, full minimap during battle, option to watch whole battle on map after game

Veto battle mode: Seen in a very similar game where players could veto the randomly chosen battle mode if at least half of them chose to.


Personal battle mode preference: Everyone would have to rank each battle mode based on their preference and that would be used to calculate the actual battle mode to everyone’s liking.

  • This way if the vast majority prefers Combat Recon, the system will choose that one. To avoid one battle mode to be the most preferred and hence most chosen one, if most players played Combat recon recently, the system would choose the second most preferred battle mode.

Full minimap on-screen during battle:  Maybe placed at the lower right corner (not replacing the radar, complementing it), so everyone could see who’s going and where, revealing trends of movement and letting players choose tactics accordingly.


Option to watch whole battle on map after game: This could help players understand who did what, how the teams won or lost. Also for improving strategy next time.

Vote up should you agree.


Full minimap on-screen during battle: Maybe placed at the lower right corner, so everyone could see who’s going and where, thus facilitating finding tactics.




Actually, this would be pretty darn useful (to me anyway).  In fact moreso than the currently existing radar at the top right. I honestly cannot think of an instance where I’ve used that at all, instead relying on quick TAB flips to see battlefield outline, and using the indicators around the status indicators on screen to locate enemy/friendly craft.