"Veteran" status

Because of the changes in the current game ranking system and such and the like, I suggest a permanent “achievement” status that grants a single amber coloured loot spot after won battles that rewards the player with literally any item except for credits. This would be given to those that either have been in the game since or before OBT and have gained rank 15 in any faction furing that time. This would allow you(devs) to not have to put too much effort in to giving the veterans the free prizes that you are giving new players. And given that ancient players that still actually play the game are few in number, this shouldn’t affect the game much if at all. If anything it would balance it better because of the free stuff you are just handing out.

Though even with this addition, getting the other rewards too would be nice.

Achievement: Veteran; “Reach rank 15 during or before OBT in any faction.”

Title unlock: Veteran

Amber loot spot contents:

-Mk4 kits(common)

-Blueprints(very rare)


-Neodium plates(rare)

-Beryllium plates(rare)

-Extonium plates(rare)

-Graphite plates(common)

-Osmium Crystals(common)

-Ship parts(very rare)

-Premium Licenses(rare)

-Rare ammunition(common)

-Light cell(rare)

Like that would happen…




There have already been rewards for participating on different stages of the game and such a permanent bonus would disbalance the game a lot.