Veteran Leagues and other summary of ideas in one package

Rework of “League Battles” to “Veteran Leagues”

First of all, we understand the problem with newcomers & veterans.
What, if we have a solution to make everyone happy? Since we as veteran players, do not here don’t want to grind on new players and ruin their matches as well as progres of the game.
I would like to introduce a new League system. Since this is only playable for the former tiers, like rank 11-15, I want this rework put into a “Veteran Queue/Game mode”.
This should be done as followed:

1.) We want to split the veterans from the new players by "Opening the League mode 24on24 & 7on7 - This means Full time - opened every day.
2.) To enter the “Veteran League”, you need to max out all the 3 factions to rank 15. Without having all 3 factions ranked out to 15 → You DO NOT belong there!
3.) Min & Max rank ? The former T5 only.
4.) Teams up to 5 players, like it is now is perfect. Although, any other suggestions are fine as well.
5.) Veterans will play this out of care for personal statistics, ranking list is more important than you think.Here is where competitive people like to compete with each other! For Honor & Glory!
6.) Currently there’s only one game mode, a selection of the most competitive game modes in the game would be nice. Like the “Combat Recon” & Team Battle.
7.) Keep the same principle as what it is now. That we can make our own teams as it currently is!


Update for “Open Space” mode

Brief Info:

It’s always fun to go out and see more people in Open Space. This idea might bring some more depth in “Open Space” and also support group aspects as well as solo play.
As a Bounty Hunter, you get a reward - an ordinary loot drop for any Pirate that you kill.
In this case, it contains the amount of credits that was put on someone’s head, from this moment, the bounty on the pirates head returns to “Zero” and starts all over again.

1.) Fort Muerto needs to become a dockable station, but not just by anybody. Only for Pirates!
2.) Since we have a “Karma” level, I would like to see this go side by side with “Bounty Hunter” & “Pirate” alignment.

  • “Bounty Hunter” With a karma level of +5000 you become a Bounty Hunter.
  • “Pirate” with a negative karma level of -5000 you become a Pirate.

3.) Task of the “Bounty Hunter” is to hunt down Pirates and collect their bounty that they gathered on their heads.
    And to give this a fun twist, the reward is dropped in Open Space, so you need to get safely back to the docks to collect the bounty.
4.) Task of the “Pirate” - a pirate can kill freely at will, in any sector from rank 7 and above.
    If you have station protection on or not, he can kill you regardless.
    With this, he gathers an amout of bounty on his name, so that Bounty Hunters can act as well.
5.) A “Bounty Hunter” can dock in all 3 factions. A “Pirate” can only dock in “Fort Muerto”.
6.) This also means that “Fort Muerto” needs to get the “Daily Missions” equally to the 3 other docks. Aswell as assignmenst and so on.
7.) Since the “Aliens” are a common enemy, this goes well along with the pirates beeing under massive attack by them.
    (As it is now, although some adjustments could be made.)
8.) When a Pirate gets killed, his bounty is reset to 0 (zero). And his loot is dropped like a regular loot, containing the amount of the bounty.
9.) A “Pirate” can use a Duplicator to get back his bounty, when he picks the loot back. It’s immediately restores his bounty. He can’t carry any of his own loot to collect it.


“NEW” Corporation Assignments:

Make a few new assignments regarding “Destroyers” & Corporations:

1.) Special pre-assigned fleets. Example: 1 Destroyer - 1 Engineer - 1 Command - 1 Gunship - 1 ECM. And go to a “Rank 10” zone and take out 1 Predator & 5 Hunters (or something)
2.) Don’t use any destroyers and go on a pre-assigned mission. No destroyers are allowed.
3.) Since in the old days, people asked for “Racing Tournaments”. Integrate this in Open Space as well. Make a whole new gate system to a center point, that only opens at a certain time.
    And you need to start from the start, the system needs to count the amount of gates you need to jump, to pick up an artifact in the middle of the center point of the gates.
    You guys decide what they should get… (starting to run out of creativity)
4.) A “RIFT”, a massive crack in the dimension comming in on one side of the map and out on the other. With wave after wave, after wave with an end boss at the end. Going up to the bosses of Spec Ops?

     (Or sounds this more like a PvE? Meh.)
5.) Protecting “Harmless People” in “Open Space”. Corporations siding with the good side of the force, protecting the innocents from the “Pirates” should be rewarded with a nice “Title” and the other way around.
6.) “DREADNOUGHTS” OMG, HERE and THERE!! Where?! Over there! But WHERE? There, dude, over there… Click on launch & wait for the timer?
      Okay! Now Let’s completely rethink this. Ships are a bit smaller, but still large enough. Ehmm, rotting around the map of the selected “Open Space” map, from the 2 corporations fighting over it.

      (To go in depth, this is a complete concept to go over, please, pay me for this!)
7.) Enough people in the crowd over here can give you good ideas as well.



Posted on request from xevilxGodlike



Link to a petition:

League changes are welcome but tbh I really don’t care about them. The mono reward is nice but it is still relatively minor. The rewards should not be simple loot, but a sort of “League Token” or “Rep Token” that can be used to buy super special fancy hear and weapons from the Vet Shop. These unique items should range from simple ship skins to weapons to ammo to modules to entire ships.

OS changes would be welcome too but currently I see no reason to play it any more. (Especially since the loot nerf and the crafting nerfs.) The whole docking at Fort Muerto would be awesome but people with higher karma need more incentive to keep that karma then a simple title of “bounty hunter”. Maybe their own bonuses of sorts or other unique additions. I heard that an OS revamp was gonna happen soon but you never can tell with these devs.

New corporation assignments would be awesome too. And maybe they could reward people with parts or “research” power to use the Laboratory. Though the mystery surrounding the lab is still kinda crazy. It’s beginning to look like an abandoned project.

A new “endless” PvE mode would be super awesome too. Where you and a team of allies fight against waves upon waves of increasingly harder enemies until you all are dead. The rewards should grow per some amount of kills.

 I think, it’s much more usefull, when the suggestions are separate :001j:

On topic. We’re just in the process of creation of a plan for Leagues development, we have some things similar with yours in it.

Also OS’ “Pirate concept” was dicussed by a designers team some time back. I can not promise anything yet, but it have chanses to be implemented :wink:

For me Pirate/Bounty Hunter suggestions are a no-go.

real nice ideas. it would be fine if some would be realized.