Vanguard fighters vs Armada fighters.

so, i recently joined StarConflict, i like the game so far, but i have to wonder about one thing:


how come an armada pilot can buy their sub-faction fighter at every tier without ever buying the stock fighter.

While the Vanguard pilot has to buy EVERY single fighter, stock, vanguard then armada, to progress through tiers.


i find this quite upsetting becuase it hints as developers not really thinking their ‘advancement’ through, clearly favoring one fighter over the other.

Wait what ? U can buy ANY ship,regardless with what subfaction u have contract.

Yes winter, as long as it is the same race, you can buy any ship you unlock. I am unsure what the benefits are aside from son tracts of using your sub factions ships

that’s not the problem, what I’m referring to is:
when you play buy Federation ‘armada’ style fighters, the only ships you need to buy to get access to the next tier of ship, are the actual ‘armada’ fighters.

However when you play vanguard, you have to upgrade through stock-> vanguard -> Armada for every tier after Tier 1.


in other  words, you have to buy 3 ships per tier to scale through Vanguard ships, but only one ship every tier to scale through Armada ships.


I’m not complaining about accessibility,m simply about the huge difference in cost between playing the two groups, as you have to buy previous ships on the same “line” of advancement.


If you look at the federation frigates in the ship purchase screen, i am sure you’ll see what i mean.

I know Bah, was simply answering winter’s question. I never noticed what you mentioned, but I have seen some ships not requiring previous ship.

Bah, i found the reason, because for Vanguard you need to buy the base tier ship. so you spend extra.

I can see how that is annoying, but remember, this is still in Beta. You can’t expect everything to be perfect.

that only solidifies my reason for posting here.


if noone mentions this, they won’t know, and may not fix it.