Vampire Drive [Module]

Name: Vampire Drive

Type: Active Module

Recharge: 25 seconds

Maximum range: 2,250m

Lore: Pirate energy siphoning technology was obtained in a dangerous military raid on a pirate fortress. Once the Federation scientists took one look at the blueprints they realised that it could be used for so much more. The resulting module allowed the user to latch on to an enemy ship’s energy transmission band and siphon energy directly from their reactor. This allowed for an unprecedented yield in energy gains. This energy is used to directly power a modular phase reformer drive to give the user an amazing boost in speed and agility. The fact that the energy was also stolen from the target ship also meant that the module had an incredible cooldown time and had no energy cost. This revolutionary technology was soon stolen by other factions and redeveloped for other purposes.

Tooltip: Drains the target within line of sight of 1,250 energy and boosts the user’s speed and manoeverability by 25% for 10 seconds or until the target moves behind an obstacle or falls out of range.

lol thats a bit super op. Because draining all energy means it ignores how the player built his ship (lots of energy, or smaller energy)

i like how blizzard or eve handle energy war weapons: either drain small amount (vamp) or annihilate larger amount (neut) or use targets energy against him (burn).

same with aoe effects, like energy draining fields, or emp weapons - the emp e.g. has an amount, but its very high.

I do not think such effects need big additional mechanics a lot, but i let the rest of your idea just stand as it is.

so in short, if you brainstorm modules, I suggest to avoid things like “all”. you could use absolute numbers, of course which are just placeholders

in this case “all” could mean something like 1500 energy. thats a large amount.

Overall personally however, I do not know why this module would be particulary interesting, except being the best energy war weapon in the game.

Also, while you write it has a large cooldown, 25 seconds sounds like nothing.

Yeah I just thought of all the pretty much.

How would you suggest it be changed to not be outrageous.


Edit: changed to be slightly less OP and teleporty. Now has a more tactical use.

maybe it helps how i think if i would have this module.

the range is pretty low, so it is basicly a brawler fit module. using it at that range, i get more moves, which is basicly just a nice buff for me. the main usage by me would be still to drain units that can be dangerous or valuable with spells. so, ecms, tacklers, commands, or healers. i could basicly remove the option for any ecm or recon to react, so i probably would take the CO for it, or a jerri command.

on both of these ships, i just get something incredibly valuable, that i can use every minute at least twice. with bonuses on the modules even 3 times.

so atm. the secondary buff is just an add-on. Of course, this module might be blocked by energy drain implant, but to have the timing to use a multipurpose just before i hit the spell is kinda really more luck than skill.

Well I personally find, even energy weapons should have some kind of meta, so before we add modules like this, i would rather see options for energy war on a broader scale (as siphon is the only direct module to my knowledge which does energy stuff)

So personally, I dunno, but it’s not up to me, but now it sounds at least better ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)