USSMCorp. Pilot's Guild Recruiting

-=USSMCorp. Pilot’s Guild=-

Founding CEO- sevenupsoccer
Founding VicePres - MrZeppo
Founding Officer - IceProphet

A Guild (Corporation, in-game) dedicated to teamwork based game-play, with “out of the box” Guild Member run Squad Activities, and a tendency to reinvent how the game is played.

Recruiting= active/casual pilots 
with friendly dispositions, 
for all areas of the game- 
PvE Missions, 
PvP Skirmish, 
PvP Corporate TurfWar, 
Open World Exploration & Resource Mining, 
Bug Reporting & Wikki Recon Research.

Any faction contract welcome. 10 spots open


Welcome to the fray! See you guys in space :slight_smile:

GL and see you guys in space. 

Are you guys still recruiting…?