Using your older ships to get newer ones.

 I would like to see a way to use your older ships to get newer ones. Maybe a simple permanent upgrade system would work. Like if I had the deimos and wanted to by the deimos II, instead of paying 680,000 credits or what ever, I could convert my deimos permanently into a deimos II and it would only cost 170,000 credits or whatever and my deimos would be gone. I’m never gonna use my tI ships and I understand that a lot of people like staying in t2. But, I would like to see someway to use the older ships in a meaningful way. I like having a library of ships and I get that you don’t but ships you upgrade them. And there is a tier system that makes you get certain ships to get to other you want. I was just brainstorming ways to use your older ships for something. Any thoughts on this?

I think that is a great idea. Maybe allowing you to still access the tree to tier 3 from that “upgrade” but making the ship unavailable to fly unless you buy it again.