Using fully synergized ships synergy to upgrade to mk3

It’s sometimes difficult or hard to upgrade weapons, modules from mk2 to mk3 using faction loyalty vouchers.


I suggest we also have the option to use the synergy of fully synergized ships to upgrade weapons and modules to mk3 from that specific ships faction.



you want to upgrade a tech weapon or module but don’t have enough loyalty vouchers to do so.

you have instead a jericho ship that is fully energized and has enough spare synergy (not free synergy)


Use this synergy to upgrade the tech weapon or module.




the massive amount of synergy piling up on my ira deus and crus s would make it very easy to upgrade EVERYTHING to mk3. synergy requirement would have to be pretty high…it accumolates very fast

ehem any idea keep players from buying license will be ignored , just sayin…

Tier 1 - 25,000 Synergy

Tier 2 - 125,000 Synergy

Tier 3 - 500,000 Synergy

Tier 4 - 750,000 Synergy

Tier 5 - 1,000,000 synergy.

Also make it so the ship with full synergy can only upgrade ships in that tier.


That is numbers I could work with. I have a ton of ships will millions of synergy extra.