Upgrades from each faction

One of the things that annoys me a bit is that you have to use a certain faction’s vouchers to upgrade specific modules. And I understand why, but I just think that having to play for that faction in order to upgrade a certain module is a bit too much.


I was thinking it might be a bit more convenient if you could just upgrade a module with any of the factions’ vouchers, but, for example, vernier engines which are upgraded with Federation vouchers are upgraded with fewer Federation vouchers than with Empire or Jericho vouchers. For instance, you could upgrade them to mk3 for 100k Federation vouchers, or 150k Empire/Jericho vouchers. You’d have to play more to get them, but you’d still be playing the for faction you WANT to play for, not just to grind the vouchers.

It makes perfect sense to get the upgrades for one faction after fighting for them for a while.

It also makes perfect sense to be able to buy the upgrades with other faction’s vouchers but at a higher cost.


It only depends on the devs vision on this system. I’m all for the system you suggest.

the idea is that each faction builds the specific module so you need their voucher


this wont be implemented - sorry