Upgrade with New Commander selection system

<skip this if you don’t care about the story>

Wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in bugs, its not really a bug just a poor way of doing things IMO.

Here’s the scene. Playing a combat recon game, its being quite a stale mate. However our team is winning on the scoreboard. I keep alternating between defending, pushing ect.

So I decide to attack, and I have the enemy commander alone. start to engage him. my shields are down im probably not going to make it. When our commander disconnects. I am then field promoted and killed in a span of about 3 seconds. 

causing us to lose a game where we led something like 40-17.








There needs to be some sort of algorithm to choose the new commander, I have a couple Ideas.




When the commander disconnects…



Choose the most recently spawned player to be the commander… (this one is okay, if an intercept just spawned and jumped into battle it could be depressing)


Choose randomly from players closer to old commander. (something like, this half of the team was closer to the command than the other half, lets choose from them)


Choose player who was within closest proximity to the  old commander.




Just a couple of ideas, the random system really boned us on a good game…