Updating prices - repeated and disruptive pop-ups (adware)

I open the interface to equip a ship, and it closes!

I open the Ellydium ship tree, plan to change some nodes and equipment, and it closes!


We used to see this once a week, maybe twice. It used to be triggered when you applied a sale, etc.

But now, I get to see this every 15-30 or 60 minutes, usually, the screen appears for two or three times in a row within 10-15 seconds!

It’s started to annoy many people, including me because it will affect what you’re currently doing.

It closes or disrupts equipment screen, store and any ships that you were currently viewing or equipping, including Ellydium ships, and possible node changes or already selected node setup.

This means that all of your progress is lost.


Such disruption of operation behaves like a form of adware. This should be addressed.





If it’s a bug, fix it!

If it’s not, make sure that it won’t impact our work!


One or twice a week is enough, whenever you apply sales.