Upcoming Event "Last Frigate"

Attention pilots:


If you have not guessed already, the next event in the Survivor series is going to be centered around Frigates.


There has been a lot of discussion by the event organizers about how to achieve balance and how to make the matches interesting. This is where you, the Star Conflict community, can help them out!


They would like to know what your opinions and thoughts are about this event.


Please leave your suggestions and criticism below. 

Frig detonation without long range weapons could be interesting.

YEP LOL, frig detonation is going to be epic xD

Frig detonation without long range weapons could be interesting.


There is the possibility that a team may decide to hold bombs to win, as it will get pretty hard to plant with no modules. If there ARE modules, team balance will be an issue as teams are random, but would be pretty awesome nonetheless.

Yes please leave more suggestions we would like to hear more. When registration time comes around sign up and participate.

I want to PUNCH other frigates in the FACE!

Please be more descriptive about the how and the what you want to do in the survivor event. Good suggestion its just vague.

Wow. Frigball galore.


My main concern will be the sudden rise in the number of guard frigates, which is going to make Jericho LRF players feel very, very sad if active modules (actually, only missile shield) were allowed.

I do forsee alot of people tanking and spamming minefields. Can we take them out, only allow missles?

I doubt minefields would be that effective in frig vs frig fest. You would have to get close, and we all know, that frigs have some issues with speed. Also in event teams will probably be more coordinated, and won’t pull of some random moves by ramming into enemy frigs. Things will die when they get too close

If it’s T3/T4, I’d say ban the remote things that make invulnerable frigate balls possible.(Or so I’ve heard)

Just make sure invincible set ups aren’t possible and all is good.

Beacon hunt without warp gates.

This Survivor mode is T3 Frigates. The remote abilities will more than likely be prohibited from the tournament.

This will just be like Open Season for LRFs…

Or guards with 150 termal res laughing at disintegrator, and torpedos wont even get close.

Oh yeah, if the event is about Frigates, I assume all Frigates should be included. And while “no long range weapons” sounds good, LRF would be broken with this. Either OP (if it is allowed to use its module and just snipe while others have to get close) or very useless (if cannot use its module, and has to get close with its low HP).



Kind of just repeating what was already said above…

Yeah its difficult to have this, we could go for a normal combat recon game…

Handicapping players is something I am against. Every ship decision comes with a price, and if you refuse to let what counters your preferred ship to be allowed, then there will never be balance and we will be casting a very boring game.


Thing about all this specific module banning is where do you draw the line?

Why do some want us to allow snipers, but no long range weapons to counter them?

Why do some want us to allow torpedo frigs, but want no missile shields to prevent them from bombng on everyone? How is that balanced? That gives a decided advantage to long range Jericho frigates sitting in in the spawn.

People have said remote shield is too powerful, even though you could counter that with ion warheads and focus fire. It only lasts for four seconds, too. If a team went all engineer, and stacked that they are vulnerable to missile attacks.

People complain about engineer’s mobility, so they want warpgate banned. This is the only thing I can see being banned for this event, as frigates move slow. However, if you allow long range frigates, the Engineer who warpgates away is still in the line of fire of a long range frigate. Warpgates can also be used to close the distance between long ranged frigates and open up the possibility of frigate ball flanking maneuvers. If you also allow long ranged weapons, then they will still be within range too. 


The jist of what I am getting at is you either allow everything or you allow nothing and allowing nothing is boring.


One can pick apart and separate the frigate ball and engage it correctly for fantastic results. This has a lot to do with positioning and understanding the situation as it unfolds. This kind of situational awareness is what separates good players from the mediocre. Why do you want to punish people for taking the time to understand and develop these skills?


It is up to the team and individual players to identify those hazards and mitigate them through proper outfitting and ship selection. It shouldn’t be up to the event organizers. I do not have the final word on what is in or out for this Event either, so do not take my words in that tone. I just am offering up a counter argument to what I see being stated in this thread.

Mmm, I mostly agree. Unless we copy the interceptor event and have NO modules whatsoever…

Mmm, I mostly agree. Unless we copy the interceptor event and have NO modules whatsoever…


At which point Guard frigs cannot be used due to their Phase Shield.


EDIT: Not can Engineers be used, for that matter… Both are constantly on and functioning.