Unregulated Settings Rewards

Instead of receiving nothing when you change the settings on a custom mission, I think that you should receive either minimized rewards or enhanced rewards, based on whether your changes make the mission harder or easier. 

i think restricting the ranks of playable ships should not lead to irrgulated settings at the very least!

I’ve +1’d this, however, the ships you bring into the lobby determines the tier it’s set to.

so a T1/2 won’t be able to go into a T3/4 etc.

I say no, unless there comes an option to make it “testing” where missiles/repairs costs no money but also no rewards.

What exactly are you saying no to? I didn’t quite understand your comment. My suggestion was that you would get rewards when you change the settings on custom games. Instead of getting nothing, you would get either increased or decreased rewards based on what was changed.

To get rewards means to spend something as in a normal match, like reps, ammo, missiles. So if you make a really easy T4 setting and happen to die once or more times, there goes your money.

If you want your suggestion to work then add a ‘test’ option as well which makes the game give no rewards, nor use ammo / missiles and doesn’t require repairs when deciding to do so. If your idea gets implemented without it, everything about the initially so called ‘testing purpose’ of custom matches is nullified.

Oh, ok. I see your point.

I’m not saying it’s bad, i’m just adding what it would make it viable.


PS: pre-set uber pro squads will have no problem staying alive for example, the only expense will be ammo and missiles which should be covered

PS2: it must be made in a manner where quick-farming doesn’t become an option

I agree, allthough i cannot change the settings in custom pve matches (maybe im bugged?) i certainly would like to see customized regulations.


and yeah, harder ranks should be better rewards :stuck_out_tongue: