Unprecedented "Wobbling" in Spaceball

Hi Devs and Players;

You may not experience this issue, but the Spark, during a Spaceball match, seems to wobble a lot, and by “wobble” I mean it turns in a “cone” type of formation, and can only be solved when I hit “Ctrl”. This has caused me MANY problems, two of which I scored “own goal”, resulting in the enemy team scoring, and the (near) inablity to score a goal myself. A 10-second videoclip has been included in a ZIP file (severe Internet bandwith restrictions, no such thing as “broadband internet access” in my area). Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Welcome to ping

Ping 81, no matter what server.

wow ping 81ms .-. the RU servers accessed from my location are VERY unreliable (300-700ms), but the EU servers are more reliable (approx. 250ms).