Unique module: Engineer frigate

Globat Fleet Upgrade.


I would like to suggest a unique active module for the engineer frigatte class .



Name:                     Defense drones upgrade
Type:                      Active module (unique)
Group:                    Engineer modules (excl. Ellydium)
Fits:                        Hydra 2, Garm, Minotaur, Naga, Alligator M, Anaconda, Grizzly, T Rex, and premium ships of same role
Allowed ranks:          6-17
Blast (kinetic)            8717 dmg
Missile:range            5000 m
Missile:velocity           966 m/s
Maneuvering speed   120 deg/s
Recharge                       5 s
Energy:                       220 pts
Description:            On activation an engineer drone becomes a missile attacking the locked target. Upon missile explosion nearby allies are repaired and enemies receive damage. The system is designed to intercept and destroy attacking ships. Reduces target locking time by 50% and increases drone durability by 50%.