Unbalanced battles with T4 ships against T5 ships - no mix for T4 vs T5

With official release and launching wave of premium T5 ships and manufactured R15 ships, it is obvious that now in PVP, mixing T4 ships with T5 ships it is not going to work.

You have no chance playing rank 10-12 ships against that rank 14-15 ships + fully purpled modules/weps or with orange weps + 13-15 implants.

And no, gaining Slayer of Immortals medals doesnt comfort me in anyway.

So, make Tier 4 free of Tier 5 ships in PVP , like every tier from 1 to 3 have it’s MM for that tier only.

Otherwise, ppl will remain in lower tier, me also (mostly in T3) and will skip T4 eventually from PVP, jumping to T5 to raise ships/modules/weapons there to be competitive against other T5 ships. And that will be a very-very long run, especially for normal (non-premium) players, due to huge amounts of credits/sinergy/insane time needed to do that.

With the smart removal of total amount of players active in game, bcz of low population (I dont think official release gathered a huge amount of new players), is a long waiting time in T4 PVP matchmaking.

So, now, T4 is totally broken due to:

  1. huge imbalance of T4 ships against T5 ships (I do not agree that green T4 ships are a way to go against purple T5 ships, but hey, who want to be cannon fodder can be and will be quickly disappointed)

  2. long wait time in MM because of low population, many beeing still active in lower tiers bcz of what i said above.

  3. that more orange choices for T4 vs T5 doesnt balance in no way superiority of T5 modules/weapons.

Agreed, especially on point #3. Half the problem with the mixed tiers is the fact the T4 pilots are using Mk I or II gear, so offering Mk V doesn’t help them at all!


I also agree - hence my question to the devs. It’s not fun being pitted against full purple T5 in rank 10 green ships, and I have little incentive to rank up my modules and spend my precious vouchers in a tier that is permanently outclassed in PVP - the feeling I have is to just push up to T5 ships as quickly as possible, and then start the upgrading proper again at rank 13

It is OK in 12vs12 matches, but most matches in T4/5 now are about 5v5 max.


Tried to level some of my lvl 10 that are not maxed (11 and 12 already are)

and got matched with other pilots with mix of 4/5 vs pilots with full rank 15/14 ships. Neither of them had even 13.

Needless to say what happened with unsynergized ships.


So, my only choice is to gain free synergy and level the ships of a tier that used to be my favorite (4) that way ?!

Or extorted to buy t5 premiums, play T4/5 and use the free synergy from there ?


Another option is to overhaul the whole tier system and make it 16 (the constructed ships included and add more constructed ships).






But I know it will never happen as it needs major overhaul, ship tree change, ship ranks reconsidered …

In any case r4 ships belong more to t1 than t2 and r7 and 10 respectively.

Originally they were. Hercules Arrow was T1, Phobos Aura was T2, Prometheus Fire was T3, etc.

This is one of the reasons myself and others want the ship tree totally overhauled to all be like Tier 5.

Originally they were. Hercules Arrow was T1, Phobos Aura was T2, Prometheus Fire was T3, etc.

This is one of the reasons myself and others want the ship tree totally overhauled to all be like Tier 5.




This is some suggestion I did some time ago, although it’s not perfect, Idk why all tiers aren’t like T5.

Why? Because leveling the secondary role from t2 to t5 will be too small. And for the primary role it will take x2 the normal time. 

Easily fixed - we go back to your rank being based off of faction loyalty. Or require a set number of PvP games played before it ranks you up. Or make it so the early secondaries also require you to synergise the previous primary. Or have wholly new criteria.

Or just not bother, because T5 is the new T2 and pugs need to get there asap so they can start learning to play before moving back to T3 for the serious game.

+1 T4 needs it’s one que. If you have obove 1300 Rating, you get to face off rank 15 orange fitted ships in your rank 10 green stuff. Sure ist fun, not.