Ultuite Mining

I suggest that mining Ultuite crystals in alien sectors sometimes grant living crystals. Just a simple addition that would be extremely helpful and useful.

I think they’ll  introduce a way to get them after the event. 

Just throwing things out there. Knowing the devs they’ll probably make it some impossible mission that grants one single part per week. I’d rather go back to OS grinding if that happens. Xp

The proposal makes sense and it will give a reason to go into alien territory.

Yup. +1

+1 for this.

I think it makes more sense to get the living crystals out of alien hulls or alien ship debris,as it looks to be a refined resource,probably the raw version for the live crystals would make more sense to be dropped,now the crafting ratio might be like 5 raw resources for 1 live,remember,you need one for alien ammo and used correctly and give you a load of synergy!

But yeah,getting them either from OS or loot would be great! +1

Live crystalls will be an important resource even after the event will end. Of course, there will be more oppurtunities to get these ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Will we be able to grow our own crystal babies?

Just now, Lord_Xenon said:

Will we be able to grow our own crystal babies?