[UI] Squad interface bugs

  • When the squad leader goes offline there is no way to transfer leadership to one of the other squad members. Suggestion: transfer leadership to the next squad member.

  • When the user is left alone in the squad, the squad should dissolve automatically.


No bug.




  • Enable right-click context menu to transfer Squad Leadership.
  • Automatically remove people from a squad who have been disconnected for 5 minutes or immediately if they press logout from the game manually.
  • Re-enable the functionality to name Squads. Because, ya know, immersion and future compatibility with ‘Wings’ if the game expands to larger scale combat. (Having 3-4 squads in a ‘Wing’)
  • Enable target-markers / icons for primary, secondary and tertiary targets for a squad.
    • Or alternatively, give this functionality to specific ships/roles - each with their own form of marking targets.
    • Recon - Can scout/ping targets better than anyone and make them show up on radar for all allies. The drone/sabotage style module should leave the enemy with a more visible trail than the default one, making it easier to spot the person. (Plus, immersion++; through visuals)
    • Command - Can mark a target, providing a damage boost to all allies attacking said target. (Instead of the blanket damage buff Valkyrie currently gives). Adds a ‘target’ icon or other visible effect which makes the target stand out from others. Combine with Recon to grant a target which cannot hide and is extremely visible to the whole team.
    • etc.