UI Rework.

a few suggestions

Combat Ui

Place combat text in another chat box

Reduce the size of all items roughly 15%

Reduce the size of the target box by 25%.

Add an option in the Menu/Interface area to move the target box to the bottom right, or top left

instead of showing the ship in space/3d mode, show a sort of wire-frame space-theme diagram of the ship.

Hanger Ui

Scale down item sizes by 10-15% (Ships, Nav bar, Etc).

Convert the Hanger button on top to add the ship menu on the left (Make it only subject to the hanger button, so that when not in hanger, it just shows the current ship, or possibly all three (or maybe even something scenic

Move reputation bar under or above the ship stats.

In combat Selection / Score screen

Remove ship selection from the games battle map.

add a screen that when pushing tab, you get the score while in combat

Change map hotkey from tab to M (default)

Make the list show their race via the faction icon for their current faction.