What do you think?

excuse the missing shipbay ;O






actually looks quite good, yet i would move the shop,exchange and so on to the left side and refill and repair back at it’s normal position…

OR we could just go with good old privateer having several scenes: shipdealer, market, missionterminal, guild offices… just sayin^^

i actually set it up so that

they are over there, you will notice one is glowing red

this is because i had the idea that its a click on click off thing if its glowing, auto-refill/buy is on. if its not its off.

actually now that i think about it, the menu shhould probly be on the top left where the level stuff is.

also we can stick the refill stuff in the top right.

I dont like it, too much of red color. Blue would be better. Button placing is ok, but i want say its better than now, its just different.

The design looks nice, but I agree that blue would better.

I was thinking actually of making an option in the menu to change it to different colors

Edit: i added more up top