UI 'Additional devices' ('Booster module') rework

Suggestion: ‘Additional devices’ rework


My ‘Additional devices’ rework suggestion would allow to rent or hire ships from other players, an AI-wingman, or large protective drones (e.g. for open space travel) for GS.

My suggestion relates to the recent  [Rent A Ship feature](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/34576-rent-a-ship-feature/) suggestion by [@Koromac](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/243485-koromac/) and the [AI Wingman feature](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/34587-ai-wingman-feature/#comment-408338) .




  • The rent-a-ship is an idea from [@Koromac](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/243485-koromac/), see: [Rent A Ship feature](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/34576-rent-a-ship-feature/) . I only tried to integrate his idea into the current UI.
  • The hire-a-wingman means that a player can rent an AI-controlled wingman ship that will fly in formation with the pilot’s ship (like a wingman does) and will attack a target on command. In battles it would respawn after some time period like any normal player’s ships. In open space it would leave debris that could be revived by using a duplicator via the ‘C’-key if the player’s ship gets near to the debris.
  • The ’ Destroyer Buster’ is a large crusing torpedo that will fly in formation with the pilot’s ship (like the AI-wingman ships do) and will attack a target on command.  It is too big to be loaded onto a ship (interceptor, fighter, frigate). It is a very large slow guided missile that can avoid abstacles in flight and has armor and can be targeted and destroyed. Its attack would be that of a missile: explode on contact. After hitting a target it will explode and would be consumed for good, after that it would respawn in battles just like any normal ship. In other words it may be regarded as a torpedo shaped ship that does impact/collision damage plus explosion.
  • The protective heavy drones are ship-size large drones roughly the size of an interceptor or smaller, that can be hired from corporations, factions or whatever makes most sense. It is a rather standardized AI-controlled wingman-drone that flys in formation with the player’s ship and will attack or defend on command. It also will respawn in battles but not in open space: here it will leave debris that could be revived by the player using a duplicator and the ‘C’-key. In case it would be rented from corporations the pay could be Iridium that would benefit the corporation. It might be a module for the Dreadnaught that could produce 10, 50 or 100 protective drones which the corporation could rent to players.



The ‘additional devices’ or ’ Booster module’ selection at the bottom of the SC user interface (UI) is imho partially used seldomly. 



I for example never bought a booster module for gold standards (GS) to get additional loot attempts after battles (accessible through the left click-box), see:



While the right click-box of the ‘Add. devices’ field of the UI is rather often used by me. Here the player can buy buffs for credits:




(For some items pay in credits could be possible - not decided by UMC, yet.)



What do you think?


Id love all over these features… But maybe not for GS. Just iri. That would be OK. GS ones should only affect monetary progress like synergy and credit gain.

Ill add it for review, seems interesting to say at least.

Destroyer Buster’ needle:


Check this.



Rent a ship is very bad idea, just nononononononnonono…