"Ugh, this again?"

I’ve been finding myself saying/thinking this more and more lately as the updates are released. The missions are all repetitive and a hastle, especially ones that involve a specific gamemode, or waiting for something to happen. *coughescortmissionscough*

And as of lately, the missions are not only getting more useless, but they are becoming even more tedious to complete. Having three goals to complete for a roulette reward is an awful idea. Especially when you need up to 600 of any given reward that you may or may not get.


It is nice that you are finally making things less P2W, but this has given rise to a more PoG style of game. And even when we DO pay, we still have an immense grind.

I suggest a few very important changes to the current systems:

  1. Remove individual ship parts, and compile them in to tiers. (Sections of three ranks at a time.) Havung to focus on one single ship for so long is one of the worst grinds ever. And it doesn’t even usually give that much of an advantage. It’s just an alternative experience in-game.

  2. Remove escort missions and multi-stage missions. These missions are the worst. They take way too long and are anything but rewarding for their time costs.

  3. Rmove probability rewards. If I do some mission, I want a definite reward, not a chance for a reward. Each mission or even crate should have a set reward for your effort.



Exactly! Why in nobody adressing these things!

Agree on the special module quest.
Don’t agree with the ship components(I’m not sure if you exactly mean that with ‘600 of any given reward’). At least not for the part of use. I like the daily mission(and you can even farm them if you want directly). Easing this with unifying it all of these ship components into one and just being different in amount needed would be okay.
Suicide - eh escort missions are annoying as you just need some bad happening(total aggro of an enemy group ONLY on transporter) and you have to do it all over again… The time itself is a bit long, but other missions are sometimes longer.