Two-Man Ships

While playing some StarConflict with my friend for a while, we both thought about the idea, how cool it would be if 2 People could man a Ship, so one for example does the flying while the other blasts Enemy Ships with a Turret. This would add a whole new Branch of Team-Tech, which would result in more Player Connections while playing. 

It would be helpful if you could add some more Ideas to this Post. I´m looking forward to hearing from you!


In b4 rage, tears and irony.



The idea is interesting and it would be fun for me but Idk if it fits this game or how hard it would be to do so.

Great idea, horrible timing.


  1.  The match maker already has a hard time getting solid teams of single pilots.  Getting a decent team with 2 pilots to some (all?) ships would be very difficult.  Perhaps a different game mode would fit this better.


  1.  How frustrating would it be to be in the 2nd position of a ship with a pilot who disconnects, goes AFK, or simply sucks?


  1.  What happens if you have a bad player in the second position of the ship?


In general, I feel that one person who is in complete control of the ship would be able to do more for his team than two people who are having to communicate and negotiate over those same functions.

No,no,no just …NO how do u expect the other person to do what u want them to do at the EXACT moment? U might say: cant u just tell them? Well no it takes like 2 secondsto say a command and u’ll b a dead man in 1sec u just dont have enough time to know what the other person wants u to do.

It works greatly in Battlefield’s (the EA game) vehicles. I mainly think about the combat copter with a pilot and a gunner. But it works because you have access to the vehicle on the battlefield, and there’s a limited number… I don’t know if it suits Starconflict though, this game is much more fastpaced and have less complicated physic engine.

i mean kinda when youre playing with an actul friend, so youre probably skyping.

Unless its a slow moving ship with more then 6 guns, I doubt it will work. 

Leader- *OK PILOTS LISTIN UP! shoot at everything that moves, if it doesnt move shoot it anyways. Keep spamming modules just in case we need them. Dont listen to what i say just press those buttons*!

I was assuming that the dreadnaugh is going to be dockable, so other pilots could use installed cannons.


Though we have to wait to find out.

I also think that dreadnaugh will be like it. I mean, this is supposed to be a playable ship right ? But I don’t think there’ll be only one men piloting it.