Tweaked Rocket Launcher Weapon.

A weapon, with rockets in it.

Shoot it, then the rockets travel about the same speed as the mortars of Coil Mortar. Once it hit the target, it goes boom and 2 mini guided missiles go after his nearest allies in a given radius. Applying DoT(damage over time) on them, and minimal resist debuff to the damage type of mini missiles, for a few secondes.

Initial rocket damage could be Kinetic then, mini missiles thermal.

You can play around with the idea and make up some things, yourselves.

I could do some research and put out some numbers, but i’m too lazy.

DoT : about the same damage as the cov op Web

Resist debuff : Pretty much like the implant or Ion emmiter

Rocket damage and speed : Averaging Coil mechanic Or Kinetic Supressor----Without their spread, you’d need pinpoint accuracy, like Command phaser but with much slower travel speed.

EDITED:  You can removed the mini guided missiles, put the DoT and resist debuff On the initial target hit from the rocket.

And give it punch-through. So, the rocket would hit up to 1 or 2 more targets on it’s path. DoT and debuff only applied to first person being hit.

If DoT and resistance debuff isn’t likable, then increase damage of the rockets.

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A cloaking missile - slow but dangerous- against large targets would be nice for this weapon. That would imply, player could change to equip the missile-weapon with big and slow or small and swift missiles.