I think otherwise. Yet, if you say so, i have another idea:  Elaborate tutorials


Currently tutorials teach really basic stuff. It would be better to bring some elaborate tutorials to teach newbies how every ship and gamemode works.


1. Game-mode tutorial

In this tutorial the player gets a series of easy bot matches where objectives of the game-mode are explained and pointers are shown. The player has to win each game-mode to unlock the next. Once he completes this series, he gets to buy new ships


2. Ship tutorials

When a player buys a new ship role (command/gunship/engi etc) for the first time, he needs to pass a tutorial where he will learn to use his active modules.

In case a new tier unlocks new active modules, another tutorial needs to be finished


I remember having to learn so many vital things overtime.

For a little while i was under an impression that unless the emergency shield booster goes back to original state, it didn’t work. As a result i couldn’t use it until i figured out how to use it