I keep running into people that have no clue what to do in this game. You might want to improve if you wish to attract the casual gamer. Maybe a better Tutorial ?


This guy appeared in general chat, complaining he had 3 mil. on the bank and he could not buy a new Jet :lol:



Ouchi !!!


 His fault for not looking at the tooltips when starting the game tbh.


But i feel bad for them

I’ve seen many players with same thing. The tutorial is garbage, and placing new players with tier 2 enemies is quite sad. The game is not overtly complex, but the chat community is garbage and many players don’t use wiki as a resource. The tutorial is difficult to read, the text is small, the visual layout splayed, and generally fails to express the importance of contracts. I play with my 65 yr old father, and we’ve found the tutorial lacking. He’s not enthused about this game due to the lack of joystick controls, but with how poorly the tutorial was put together I’ve to explain everything which further detracts whether he enjoys the game based on my mood to explain… He enjoyed Black Prophecy (if you know the title), but I’ve a difficult time getting him into Star Conflict…