Turrets and Firing Arcs.

 I think it would be interesting to see some different type of turret types that limit or enhance your firing arc. I’ve seen a few other games do this, Star Trek Online and Freelancer. I’m not sure if this would work in this style of game. I like the concept however, that there would be turret types with a larger firing arc and some that are very limited. For example in STO phasers have a 280 degree firing arc, while the heavier hitting disruptors have only a 120 or 90 degree arc.

 This game has a lot of dept and interesting concepts. But I don’t know if this would work for Star Conflict. It’s a much more action orientated game. I could see frigates with more options for turrets. They would maybe want the highest firing arc to get those intys, but wouldn’t do as much damage. While a inty might want much less firing arc, which it makes up for in it’s speed and maneuverability, but it would do more damage per shot.

 The system they have now works very well for the game and I have a lot of fun with it. I could see adding in turrets types or reducing/enhancing weapon firing arcs somehow to allow for different styles of game play. 

Sounds good. May be as a weapon modifier , -X% dmg +X% turret turning speed or the other way. Or as a passive module.

Technically, the heavy-type weapons already have this to some extent.  That is, the slow-turret-speed aspect.  I suppose you could also consider there to be a “hardwired” bit of the other idea in as well, on account of the fact that interceptors > fighters > frigates with regards to the amount of damage done per single cannon (part of balancing them for each other, of course). 


It can go the same for any weapon really, though only 2 of the turrets will fire at a 360 degree arc, for frigates only one.