Tungsten Rail-bow [Weapon]

Name: Tungsten Rail-bow
Type: Primary Weapon for Destroyers
Ranks: 11-18
Damage: 1,000-12,000 Kinetic
RoF(max): 180rpm
Max range: 4,000-8,500m
Projectile speed: 985-6,500m/s
Spread: 3-0 degrees
Overheating: 20/1 seconds
Max change time: 6 seconds
Energy use at max charge: 1,200pts
Max charge blast radius: 300m
Tooltip: Single clicks quickly fire weak bolts with higher spread, lower damage, lower speed, and lower range. Charging a shot for the full amount will devastate any ship in its path. Pierces ships causing explosions at maximum charge.


Lore: This unique weapon was originally produced for dreadnoughts and space stations as a long range “first response” defense system, but recent advances in technology made it possible to create a much more compact design that can be used on only the largest ships. While the charging mechanism is at rest, passive coils can be used to fire light bolts in quick succession. If needed, the passive coils can be bypassed to charge a main caliber coil array that pulls energy directly from the core of the ship. Firing from these coils at maximum charge creates a rift around the projectile that allows it to pass through multiple targets. Each target that it passes through experiences catastrophic ruptures in hull plating and internal systems, causing a massive explosion centered on each of them. Survival rates seen on testing sites are close to nil.


Function: Single clicks fire weak shots with spread. Holding the trigger for 6 seconds will allow the user to fire at maximum damage without spread. Projectile will only pierce enemies at max charge if it is allowed to consume 1,200pts of energy when shot. Can be fired at max charge without enough energy, but it will lack the extra effects. Meant to be an end-game type boss drop or reward for reaching a high level etc. Should feel like you’re firing an actual railgun. Big. Loud. Huge effects. Explosions. Travel sounds. Trails. Flares. The whole shebang.