Transfer vouchers between subfaction of the same faction for a rate exchange of 3:1

A suggestion of mine and a nice addition to the game is to allow transfer vouchers between subfaction of the same faction for a rate exchange of 3:1.

For example I have in Empire faction, 480000 Legion vouchers I dont need and I want to transfer them to Warden, for a rate exchange of 3:1, resulting 160000 Warden vouchers.

I guess it is a fair exchange giving that vouchers are hard obtainable and that rate transfer of 3:1 is acceptable.

And we focus most on vouchers we really need for our items to upgrade, instead of vouchers we almost dont use, but are gained anyway.


I suggest that transfer to be permited only in the same faction between subfactions, not cross-factions.

lol. We have this idea at almost the same time… My post is just one floor above yours. 

Yes, I see it now…so a transfer process of vouchers between subfactions it will be a nice addition to the game… fed002.png

I have even better idea.

You’re talking about loyalty vouchers. You can’t transfer/trade them any other way.

By no means, you can bribe, buy them discounted on sale, in the store, or transfer them to a different faction.

What we need, is a way to get loyalty vouchers for side missions/assignments together with standard synergy gain and credits.

I mean, we are doing the favor, a big one. In return, they should repay us, by giving us the respect we earn/deserve.


For example: If you kill 10 aliens, you’re entitled to get bonus reward in loyalty vouchers currency as well as any other mission. If all of your ships are maxed, it should be given as free synergy perhaps.

I am talking about moderate income. Escort a convoy earns you 15000 loyalty vouchers and destroy one as well, kill pirate baron, scan, etc.

Lowest voucher assignment reward should be 5000 vouchers, middle one 10000 and the most difficult 15000. Also, there should be penalties for failure, but I guess, we all deserve to have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th chance, right?


I have 0 incentive to complete any assignments, since I don’t really need more credits and I certainly don’t need any more standard synergy gains. Artifacts, not really, since I don’t need them. At least, for now.

If I would want to convert all of my standard synergy, I would need to pay over 2000000 galactic standards. It’s just insulting that standard synergy gives me no rewards, since I don’t need it and I am sure not going to convert it.

Why? Because I don’t need to. Fully synergised ships don’t need more free synergy and besides, I got plenty of millions of free synergy there.

I could buy a real damn good car with this money or maybe even a tank or start my own Company.


Alternatively, each pirate kill should give us a small boost in loyalty vouhers, depending where it was killed. Neutral zone, such as Fort Muerto, gives you free snyergy instead.

Tell me, why wouldn’t we earn some money, by getting kills? It makes sense, right?


However, transfer 3:1 ratio is really not worth it, since you can just switch hangars. Of course, if such idea will be implemented, get ready to open your wallets wide open. More GS required…