Trading System - Bundle system should be added!

Some items should be included in a bundle.

For example, if you get a loot spot with 20 components, you should be able 20 components at once in a bundle with just one trade offer.

One perfect example is the weapon called Vulcan, which requires 20 barrels to be constructed and 1 million credits.

You can sell the blueprint, but the problem is that you must get also 20 Vulcan barrels.

You can only do 5 deals per day. 1 barrel cost 200 GS (minimum price). 20 cost 4000 GS (minimum price). You can send maximum of 3 items at the same time.

To be able to distribute all 20 barrels for one such weapon, I would need to trade with the same person seven times in 48 hours.

This is unacceptable and stupid!


Certain items should come in bundles, so that you cannot sell them piece by piece and they can take one trading slot.

If you got 20 Vulcan barrels in a bundle, you cannot sell one and have 19, but you can only sell the whole bundle of 20 Vulcan barrels.





I have it suggested already and be careful with the word “bundle” lol 

Did someone say bundle ? :3

Somewhere, a Gaijin dev’s eyes turn into  73px-Ruble_sign.svg.png