Trading rework

Hello !

Okey first, this suggestion is not about “auction” trading. I think the dev team knows what we are thinking of it.

This topic is to discuss about something that is going into the wrong direction :


We can clearly see that due to trading, they are creating hundred of new resources. Only for tai kin, there’s already 10+ unique materials. Add the destroyers modules, and it’s 2 materials + 1 BP per module per rank. That is a lot. In fact, I think that it is too much to have a decent trading.

Problem :

All the trading materials have one and only one use. While in itself it’s not a problem, when you add trading, it creates one : Materials with a too specific usage means that the potential players interested by this item becomes too specific too. I did not bother to count them all, but i’m pretty sure of one thing : We have more materials then the number of items we can craft with them. And it should not.

The most visible consequence is about mk5 weapons BP : Nobody cares about them. They are useless, impossible to sell.

Solution :  

Make generic materials instead. We can keep one or two materials with a really unique usage (such as gargoyle/dart activator for example). But everything else should be more generic.

Example :

Why not fuse [Shrapnel mk5 12-15 bluerint] + [Plasma gun mk5 12-15 bluerint] + <insert mk5 t5 inty blueprint> into a [mk5 r12-r15 interceptor weapon blueprint] ?

Why not fusing the 20+ destroyer modules items into 5-8, and make the combinations/number of materials required vary instead ?

Monocrystal was perfect : A generic material, but rare enough to always be looking for more. Everybody wants monocrystals. If it was possible to trade them, their exchange rate would be extremely high. 


This is actually a valid point, i do dislike the hidden blueprints and then the parts, adds too much of everything thats bad in its core. I’ll add this for review.

Another example :

Why do we have one activator per tai kin special module? 

A generic  “tai kin special module activator” would have been enough. 

Hello) We creating new unique structures for new craftable ships. As the latest example Tai’Kin has a several unique materials to complete, but they’re all available in reward containers and via trading system. It encourages pilots to contact with each other and find pieces together, achieving their goals faster. At the end trade should be looking like this:

  • farmable resources are available in game loot and in GS containers and not tradable; 
  • blueprints, unique materials and structures are available in iridium containers, sometimes craftable and tradable

There also can be a small variations of the second tradable group. We’re monitoring the trade carefully and looking at the items, and how the things going with them. mk5 never was too popular, but still doesn’t mean that no one needs it. Especially, with trading works in every region now