Trade, What do you want?

Option 1

Players conduct trade via a sim market. Through the universe there is colonized planets, and stations. these sims act as a sort of market-demand structure. The game will be set up to randomly generate “events” that will cause specific trade goods to be in demand, and others not to be. this will cause a shift in the market, making the economy shift around.

Trades in this option will be based on a list of basic goods, unusable for anything other then trade (atleast until production is added to the game)

Option 2

Every system has a list of goods. These goods prices depend on the amount of that specific good being sold and bought over a set periods of time (hourly, weekly) On top of this, sims consume so much per a set period (Per hour maybe) so that when they get to say, 0/1000 the price to sell at this location will give a bonus to sell there and if its 1000/1000 they reject it, and if its 900/1000 then its suffers a - from profit effect.

Option 3

there is a list of goods, that is always the same amount, so the same trade runs will always yield the same results.

However, a twist to be added to this so that everyone does not camp that one route, is to make it

  1. go through dangerous area

  2. Make it required to be allied with the Guild that has control over that system.

Well opt 1 and 2 are nice, but if we want trade in game it need to be without open world with systems because of

In open universe has been suggested a couple of times, but the devs decided to make it instance and PvP based so I think we won’t see open world in the near future.

So it need to be something different.

The dev’s are working on it man, Give it time, these are future plans.

Its been stated man times, and its the current top-voted item to be added next

Yep, but it will be nice to have nice trading before it.

I voted for option 1. seens to me the best option at the first look.

But, a trading system isnt really necessary. Much more important are maps and gamemodes. Just my opinion, dont take it to harsh.

Trading does not need to be for credits, but should include a form of income slightly superior to battle, or slightly inferior to it, if you add a good exp income from trading.

more importantly. it can be a new class of ship, and something fun to do. Traders/haulers can also provide roles of transporting things that the clan needs to build or construct things like space stations.

I like the simple things.

A market based, on offering and demand.

you can put an order to buy a ship or other equipment, you put the price you are disposed to pay.

you can put a ship or other equipment to sell, you put the price you are disposed to sell.

If the price sell-buy is interesting between the parts there will be the trade.

But the marked is not important at moment.

I would love a full blown production system in the game. IE mine it build it, sell it. But i dont know if we can get that to work.

Being a dev of a similar game (Earth and beyond) we can use a system like that. It worked very well, and was innovative, and unique, even today that system still stands superior, a testament to the original lead dev on the project.

the way it worked is something like this

Initial stages


Mine X amount of one of the 25 ore types (more or less if desired)

Ore was refined (Granting crystals used for weapons)

Refined goods are used to meet the requirements of specific items.

item was made the more if was crafted, the the better the quality, eventually reaching up to 150% of its stats (stated by plan).

a similar method could be used here.

I must be fair and say i would love mining to be in this game, although im a pure pvper, it would be a lot of attention to the game.

that being said there is a way to implement a building system in to the game right now.t

what you would do is make plan system, and the crafting part of it (im talking about the actual coding, and layout and that sort of thing), then you make the components that is required to build the items buyable from a shop on the market. doing this is the establishment of a universe wide market place. From here you just have to decide who you want to build, and who you don’t. I think the best way of doing this is through the research tree. This provides a way to limit who can build , and gives value to builders , or people who specialize in that game-style of play. the tree can include things like what they can build, what quality its at, how many per the use of components can be made (for example making two guns for the cost of 1 guns worth in components)

Mining and production

I really would like to see an system of eve-like mining. This would be excellent in this game. It would give pvpers a lot of fund.

although i feel that mining ships shouldent be as squishy as they were in eve. Perhaps they can field using only drones in their missile slot, and they can launch 10 attack drones.

If anything else ore can just simply sell as the way to make the most amount of money in game the problem arises, what do you do with millions and billions of credits**. As a result something in the game needs to be made to buy things of that level. i think a good way of doing this is actually to make ship levels cost credits , not so much exp from flying the ship. **** This would act as a sinkhole /stablizer for the economy, and give the miners some sort of advantage.**