Trade 2.0


I came up with a proposal of how to further enhance the trade feature and provide a possible long-term solution on the game’s economy and a viable in-game store suitable for both parties.

The general idea would look like this:



The trade we all know now moved into the store tab listing all sale offers from every player in the game and not just a specific chat server.

How does it work?

Simple, no need to contact the seller nor buyer thus making the whole trade much faster and more stable in prices. All a buyer needs to do is write down the first word of the item he/she is looking for and it would list all the sellers and their prices as shown above. The additional sort feature would be used to sort through prices, from lowest to highest or from oldest to newest (in case if someone wants to wait for a better short-term deal).

Chat trade

Moving the feature into the store tab does not mean it should be removed from the chat.

The chat trade would be used to trade only common building materials in real time like osmium crystals, computing chips, metal blanks, graphite plates, pure silicon, screened batteries and processing blocks.

The transactions should be done with credits making it a high flow of basic building materials and credits negating the credit overflow most people experience and making it a normal currency again.

Players that prefer modes like PvP/PvE would interact with players fond of Open Space and mining providing them credits that they are usually lacking from that mode whilst offering the basic materials in return that the other party lacks. Reworking the GS->Credit conversion would provide extra profit and could be convenient for players too.

Chat trade should be limited to 3-5 trades a day with a maximum of 100 units of building materials per transaction. Limiting the inventory to 999 units per item would be preferred in this case so the whole deal doesn’t go sideways.

This would eliminate the need of having basic building materials in the bundles, reworking the price of each bundle slightly to be more appealing to the masses and more likely make the players/users buy it regardless of financial background, not to mention more satisfied. The randomness can still be a part of the bundle store with this without much negative backlashes.

The store

The store would have resources like monocrystals, xenocrystals and ores like beryllium, neodium and electrum because, why the hell not, you need profit to develop something dude. The store would seem like a convenient option since there would be no other material involved in the bundles other than the variations of the rare materials everyone needs.

Long-term changes

In the long run, making the basic materials tradable via credits would negate the overflow of credit gains and make that currency more valuable and it would lower the stress of gathering them and leave a more appealing (positive) game experience in the very basic form of the game.

Moving the trade we have now with gold standards into the store tab and listing every sale offer with some kind of a filter would make it a lot easier and faster for players and more profitable for the company due to tax on trade.

Another variation of the same idea would be implementing the trade as seen above in the picture, making everything tradable via gold standards and reworking the bundle store by pulling out the common resources making it more appealing to buy. The common resources then would be a thing of trading, making a massive profit due to taxes on GS. Limiting the inventory to 999 slots per item would be useful to deny any massive influx of materials and general economic chaos of any kind.

yeah its connecting players like this:

Player: [Dart sh*t][Dart sh*t][Gargoyle sh*t][Thrash][Thrash] WTS


I get a deja vu from this.

11 minutes ago, OmegaFighter said:

I get a deja vu from this.

Most likely because that’s how most MMO implemented trading. 


I mean, if we had the 10% tax on “auction” trade. But only 2-3% on direct exchanges, it would still “connect peoples”.

Lol you stole my idea after you told me to wait. XD

This is pretty much what I wanted to suggest, but better you saying it than me, might actually stand a chance of being implemented.

I dont think devs will change GS transaction currency for credits. See it this way: people can get GS stuff with credits, reducing the purchase of GS. PVE games are being encouraged that way. As it currently works: items obtainable by GS can be also obtained by GS at a lower price (BPs “cost” gs cause you find them with spat scanner. Some parts cost iridium, income that can be boosted by GS), or follow the general logic of GS: get something you need fast instead of farming it for some time. This encourages players to purchase some GS and get something they want in a wider range. For the first situation non paying players could purchase instantly, in the second case they have to sell first (and get GS) to then buy something with what they earned. The whole purpose of trading is to increase GS movement and acquisition range. I dont have GS so i obiously prefer trading with credits (that arent really useful to me), but im no dev xD

If we would go for Credits i would at least have another use of them then buying me after every 20 PvE rounds in my R15 ship an 10 mio crate cus of bordem lol. Even if i might still not have every ship i feel like i drown in credits if i wouldn´t “waste” them on these (more or less) useless crates where the price is basicly way to high for that what comes out of it.

Anyhow i would prefer a “auction house” way more then the current trading system BUT i would maybe add another thing that we could “convert the useless stuff” into GS as well (let´s say 10x/day for 10GS for T3, 15GS for T4 and 20GS for T5 = 100GS(minimum)-200GS(maximum) per day possible). Wouldn´t really break the “need of buying GS” for some if they wanna have item xy and it costs 2k GS this would mean 10 days of converting T5 stuff. In this time the item could be sold or even have an higher price if it was “sold out” and someone else could start with an higher price then.


Seems like some of you don’t get why trading is GS based.

Because it consumes premium currency thanks to taxes. So players needs to regularly buy some to inject them into trading.


We’ll never have Credit trading, because they would win nothing.

But you can expect to trade credits.

+1 even if i’m somehow fine with the current system

You know, +1 for having a search feature for the items in the first place ;p

Really nice idea. You should keep the ability to trade any item between individual players through the chat though. 

And the ability to simply trade items, without GS would be great ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

For now as the priority we chose the HUD for trading. It should be more comfortable and provide as many trading information about as possible, and separate window seems like the way. For the rest we’re not going to let farmable resources and credits be involved in trading somehow. In any case, there’s a lot of changes ahead.

Listing of stuff on sale would improve the current system x1000, anything and everything else after that is just small stuff here and there.

To be honest trading now its completely useless - high minimal prices, many people selling same items, chat spam, language barriers - especially russian.
This me and many players make unable to sell anything, I had even problems in BUYING!
Thats why this idea is very good, I wish it was implemented in game, good luck ORCA1911 with your suggestion! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I hope so too, this chat thing was a nice start but it needs to up its game very fast or it will fall behind.

But seriously this entire system is so awful???

I don’t understand how they thought it was a good idea to have a -chat based- market system. Like that’s the actual worst.

It really should be a market where “sellers” “post” items with prices and “buyers”, well, buy them. Like the store tab at the top.

Now it’s just mailing people “hey buy my thing” and seeing nothing but “the transaction has been canceled. All items have been returned.”

And don’t get me started on buying. The only people selling things verbally are either in some cryptic language that nobody knows, or scrolled away so fast that you don’t even have a chance.

I had a few nice trades but chat alone is kinda bad since there are too many selling and too few buying. Good thing i know cyrillic at least…