Tourny server!

For the love of god please stop putting the tournys on the Russian server!!!


3 rounds last night on the Russian server and now again on the Russian server???


The packet loss and ping make the damn game unplayable in normal mode on the Russian server so why are we being forced there when our server settings are EUROPE ONLY for Tourny’s…???

So much crying. Form a wing, set your server region to US or EU or whatever you are, and git gud.


Also it is NOT the server’s fault, it is the routing’s fault. Check that before pointing fingers at someone else.

Nope Mecron. IT doesn’t work that way anymore.

Whatever the issue was it seemed to have cured itself for the last Tourny, region was set to europe as before but this time it put me on the euro server everytime.


When I do have my region set to any I’m hoping for Europe or USA,  I’m just opening it up a bit to get a game but if Russia or South East Asia come up in PvP I just quit out and use other ships because its just unplayable 95% of the time.

Having it go Russia 2 tourny’s in a row when my setting was on Europe only, Well it damn near made my head explode lol


Probably should have gone an made a coffee and then come on the forum to let people know of the issue instead of having a temper tantrum on here over a glitch somewhere but hey ho lol




OMG I burst out laughing XD  I need to keep that for future use!!!

it’s ridiculous how many rus servers there are. Does mm not know how to balance it on EU if there are US and Aussies playing?