Tournament "May maneuvers" (discussion)

In this topic pilots can discuss the [tournament](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19531-registration-for-the-tournament-may-maneuvers/), apply for teams and ask questions:) Good luck!

Why is it a T2 tournament, when you have said very clearly in the past that lower tiers are for farming and learning the game, and T4 is the competitive/tournament tier?

Because the majority of the player base does not have a fully fitted T4 ship, or have reached that tier yet. Its more probable that you find more people with more balanced T2 fits then T4.

when you watch starcraft tournament, do you see many bronze league players? silver? no? didn’t think so. sorry but tournaments are for showing off the best gameplay, not for newbies to try and get lucky

It is the first real tournament in the game so we want as many players as possible to participate.

If this tournament is a success we can think about making more tournaments for the other Tiers.

1)The deadline for the registration is on 11:59, May 6th(Monday)

What time zone?


2)Tournament dates: May 7th and 8th.

You do realize, that people have work, school, or whatever. Thing gets even more complicated because it’s around the world with different time zones. Why didn’t you take weekend for tournament.?

Also what are planed game times(including time zones ofc)


I would like to participate, but most likely I won’t even try to, because I might be at work at the time.




3) Is it allowed to register more than 11 participants for team? For reason I mentioned - in case some players are unable to join, then other can take that place.

well, this is the FIRST tournament and this game is BETA, it cant be all perfect :smiley:

look not that the reward matters so much to me but 1000 gold/1 week of premium  time for first seems a tad on the low side don’t you think? not to mention the 2nd and 3rd place prizes

I mean this game is BETA right, shouldnt the reward be something greater to have more participation incentive?

The main idea of the event is to have some fun togehter. It’s not only about winning, it’s about being together, hunting each other through the sector and if you want we can also sit on the teamspeak and maybe we can get some live stream running to share the battles with all other players. Sure there will be big tournaments in the future, but now it is about having some fun all togehter, new players and veterans and maybe the veterans can teach you some good tactics or you teach them some. The tournament is not only for corps, it’s also for solo players who can squad up with others and make some new friends in the big and endless space.

On May 9th there are holidays so some players may spend their time with their family so we decided to put it on 7/8th, but we are open for suggestions.

I’m incredibly excited for the tourney, but as I have work on the 7th and 8th, it’d be much appreciated if you could release the match times as soon as possible. 


Edit: I’d much prefer future tournaments occur on Saturday and Sunday, as most of the playerbase probably has work/school during weekdays.

problem with doing it on the weekend is that the devs need time off too :wink:

streaming is a great idea, i can definitely run a stream of any games i’m in



i think it would be good if you would allow registration of individual players, so they can join with any teams that don’t have a full group, or just make a team if there are enough. because not everyone is in an active corp or knows enough people

Yeah 11 player teams are pretty big. I could probably come up with a 6 player team, but getting 11 people to show up is going to be tough.

I am already online at weekends and if needed I will spend my weekend on being the referee :slight_smile: We just need to know when most players are available.

And about the big teams, just mention that you need a team here and I am sure some other will group up with you.

Why is it a T2 tournament, when you have said very clearly in the past that lower tiers are for farming and learning the game, and T4 is the competitive/tournament tier?

This is a comment made from 100% Pure win :smiley:



 Mud in your ol chap !! have one on me

We need to know the Timezone before the registration and this wasn’t answered yet.


well if not larger rewards you should have at least more rewards right? 

We need to know the time zones, doesn’t matter what day it is, so people can plan ahead… its not going to be a walk in the park getting 11 members who can play on the same days at the same times. 

Its a great idea and all but with such a lack of information its not off to a great start.


You can’t expect us to come here and tell you what time and date it should be held, that would be up to you, and it would be up to us to join in on the fun at that date. You can’t expect to please everyone by asking us to do your job for you


  • Set up dates
  • Set up a time at which said event is going to take place
  • People will show up, and those who can’t make it, it happens, there will be no hard feelings

Its easier on us and simpler for you in the long run, if you make more tournaments people will have another chance, if they missed this one


There is the issue that American and European players might have time issues, you can fix that by splitting the tournament, or hosting it on the weekends.


We all want to make it work, help us help you. 

The Steel Marauders will be involved but again we need to know time zones and exact time so i can get some squads together weekends still suit most of my players better but the guys that can make it i know will again can we register more than 11 in case some members cant make it as sunder sugested

I just can see a all 11player team using frigates.