Total ECM overhaul - The Caster

This is a total class redesign, intended to remove the bullshit from the ECM but still leave it with a clear, useful purpose - that of an anti-module debuffer.



The new ECM is intended as an anti-module debuffer. Its role is to engage and shut down Engineers and Command Fighters primarily, though it can play a part in acting against almost any class.


ECMs are weak in direct combat and will not stand up to serious pounding. They are a support ship designed to bolster the fighting line, not to be a part of it.


Special Module - Tachyon Cocoon:

The Tachyon Cocoon, when activated, neutralises all enemy buffs within 1,000 metres. It does not deactivate the modules - they simply do not apply to any ship within the Cocoon. The Cocoon lasts for 20 seconds and requires 100 seconds to recharge.


Active Modules:

Ion Emitter: Beam ability - requires range and LoS. Target’s energy is immediately reduced by x% (depending on module quality - Experimental should be around 80% or so), and any active modules (excluding Special Modules) are immediately deactivated. Long recharge time. Tackler modules cannot be deactivated by the Ion Emitter.


Saboteur Drone: Attaches a drone to target ship in the same manner as a Spy Drone. Drone has a 60 second duration. While the drone is attached, the effectiveness of all healing and resistance buffs is reduced by 50%. Medium-long recharge time.


System Inhibitor: Beam ability - requires range and LoS. Aura range of modules is reduced by 25%. This has no effect on modules that do not have an aura, such as self healing, Warp Gate or Plasma Arc. It will, however, apply to the range of Pulsars or Self Destruct modules. Medium-long recharge.


White Noise Generator: Taken from Covert Ops - activation and recharge remains unchanged.

The White Noise Generator removes the targeting reticule and prevents missiles from locking on. The affected ship can still lock on to targets, however, and can still use any module that requires a target lock.


Intended Counters:

The new ECM is clearly very useful at dealing with Engineers, but can put the hurt on any ship that is relying on auras or module-spam. Its weakness would come from Tacklers, whose abilities cannot be shut down and whose modules are unaffected by any of the ECM abilities. LR Frigates, Covert Ops and Gunships are likewise largely immune to the ECM, and so can engage at will. Gunships can also use Combat Reboot to remove any negative effect and continue its assault.


The White Noise Generator is intended to give the ECM a means to disengage from conflicts similar to the Recon and Covert Ops. Because it no-longer targets modules, however, it is not a guaranteed escape. In particular, laser-equipped Tacklers will be able to utterly ignore the WNG and kill their target regardless.


Final Thought:

In an ideal world, I would like to see this class put in place with one final change made - to give another class the means to remove or reduce the duration of debuffs. I’ve said before that Engineer healing feels too powerful, and that could make an interesting change to that class; reduce its healing power and give more options to restore ships to fully-functional status.

 looks good. feedback.


  1. New Ion Emitter will replace tackler as anti-inty. it takes mere seconds for frigates to fully recharge their energy pool. instant drain won’t offset their near instant refills. It will however tackle interceptor afterburners for a few seconds. I would rather swap with Target Painter with revised mechanic
  • LoS needed to paint target

  • Fire and Forget. Once painted, target remains affected without needing LoS

  • Painted ship glows purple for all the team to see


  1. I’d like healing to be fixed but anti-heal drone will utterly break it. It should take knowledge, skill and timing to break a tank. A fire and forget idiot proof saboteur drone will gimp the poor healer all the way to respawn.


  • Duration = 3/4/5/6/7 seconds

  • Range = 900m

  • Recharge = 50/45/40/35/30 seconds

  • Effect = unable to receive buffs


  1. F module - metastable field generator
  • change stun to AoE module deactivation that adds +50% on recharge time


2 and 3 will make ECMs a one stop anti-heal ship. Which we badly need in T3. AoE deactivation especially.

I dont want ECM (or any other class) to have hard crowd control, unable to use modules for 4sec or energy drain is good enough in my opinion.

You did propose a very good idea, a module that removes all buffs and blocks new buffs.

One more thing, if you give ECM modules a short cooldown and short duration, you wouldent feel so…bent over and just have to take it without anything  you can do about it.