Torpedo for fighters

Rhineland defectors demonstrate how to deal with capital ships


I think we need some better anti-destroyer weapons, and I think some sort of torpedo for fighters could be a solution.


It would be weaker version of EM torp with smaller blast radius, but faster (possibly with very slight homing). 


Suggested stats (at T5):

Damage: 10000 (slightly better than firestorm or cruise missile, worse than doomday or EM Torp)

Blast: 200 (better than doomsday and most fighter missiles, same as firestorm and cruise, worse than EM)

Manuvour: 10d/s (worse than any other guided missile)

Range: 7000 (better than most fighter missiles, worse than cruise or EM torp)

Recharge: 7s (worse than most fighter missiles, better than firestorm, doomsday, cruise, or EM torp

Reload: 140s (worse than any other missile)


Lower tiers would obviously be scaled accordingly.


I think those would be reasonably balanced.  It gives it a special niche (very good against slow-moving targets, i.e. destroyers) but all the other missile types should still have their own uses (EM and doomsday are more powerful, EM and cruise have better range, EM has bigger blast, all other homing missiles have better homing, standard fighter missiles have larger cassette and faster loading times).

Or howabout a “fracture missile” that splits in to something like 20 smaller missiles or exploding projectile about 500m away from its target. This way, damage would smoothly scale from interceptors to destroyers, with destroyers taking 100% of the blow. Actually I think I’ll make a suggestion about that.

Fighters are outclassed by Destroyers by a long shot.  If there isn’t cover near by that Fighter will die quickly. (Even with cover a destroyer can easily pop a fighter with a number of Active modules.)


What might add to this weapon is if it hits a shield barrier for the destroyer.  Half the HP of that shield barrier goes towards damage of the Destroyer.  So pretty much +15K.  


As 10K to a destroyer in T5 isn’t that much damage.

Or new modules. Maybe more module slots, or more modefier slots… Well everything will do, but keep in mind that if u make anti destro miss that strafe inty will doge your miss even easyer

I will suggest a “propelled torpedo”.

Unguided missile that increase it’s speed and  damage the further it travels. Gradual speed and damage increase will make it par with standard missiles up close, but shooting it at distant, immobile targets that destros usually are will hurt them as it should.