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elessly outnumbered  Cheap Braves Shirts ,and pinned down the enemy ,to win time ,cadre masses by boat on the Quanjin lo .The old horse Health said that oneself is the local cadres ,but not quite out, appear extremely selfish, for many years ,he has been to the survivors Zijiu with .I also read a report ,two decades earlier to Xinjiang old youth comrades edges ,one of them in an accident due to protect the other comrades at the sacrifice of safety ,the living end another feel guilt and regret ,guilt thinking has shaped frames ,has been waiting in his grave side ,land reclamation  Cheap Braves Jerseys ,waiting for the return of immortal old comrades, but also their labor income on time to send home to old comrades ,for several decades as a youth ,other already has returned to Beijing ,their home ,children and grandchildren around the knee ,and the and comrades accompanied the youth have been single ,now gray ,or a loyal guard .He think if he left his comrades can not survive .To say in a universe of 1 000000000 universes ,one survivor ,there must be a return ,both of which are mutually complementary ,that is to say to survive are lucky  Cheap Tom Glavine Jersey ,he was facing a death .There may be a sacrifice for his happiness ,or the dead just because a certain degree of special misfortune to him, for he who was or is a very easy fortune ,one of loss of life painfully self-blame and Zijiu .Is also a kind of terminal restlessness and guilt .The survivors of the Zijiu called is a kind of virtue and brilliant ,the pioneer spirit has in survivors of head shape of the brand ,the survivors should think of your own happiness did not come easy ,you should cherish own survival life ,be thankful to those offered pioneer, should be with their own practical action to repay those martyrs .The survivor reality thought perhaps only experience to this intuition ,especially after the war and soldiers and the soldiers ,they were more cut skin to experience .It said forget the past means betrayal ,Mao Zedong said thousands of martyrs ,in order to people interests at the expense of their lives … … Let us follow their trail ahead .This is a kind of justice thought  Cheap Phil Niekro Jersey ,this is a kind of guilt .Time should be fair to give every normal ,each has a very safe through their own life time right, however there are many special accidents will take the normal life order to play ,create a lot of misfortune and sadness ,made many cause death and tragedy, death is not normal a demon ,the innumerable lives phagocytosis .Years old of these perhaps it is quite common for ,he does not regret and regretted, only with such life living together with the survivors to remember the scene, especially when in the more permanent .They can Zijiu But I also want to have certain limit civilization ,it passes like this. After all ,does not abandon day ,have bid farewell to the students is unable to retain Cheap Orlando Cepeda Jersey , they definitely cannot be brought back to life ,this Zijiu can form a permanent memorial ,even the hero is the existence of a spirit without soul ,let the dead in heaven better, only let remember his spirit alive .Deep sense we could not have gone with him ,not sorry his strong body and vivid life ,should have their own limited life decorated magnificent and glorious ,it is worthy of deceased relatives and friends ,can truly express survivors Zijiu .Besides the spirit will be more encouraged us to work well ,open to the past ,planning to the future delivery business ,is the first best to commemorate .Of course, like the bitter guarding the grave decades accompanied Cheap Deion Sanders Jersey , dedication and undesirable, that will only make sense to let old dead will decadent life dim ,if everyone like this ,would be unbearable to contemplate ,so can only lead to rigid social retrogression ,did no real significance .We must not follow and follow blindly .To survive ,in fact social all the living are social survivors ,that is alive is survived ,because everyone is a historical society flow off ,leaving the world sooner or later ,more alive is more surviving day ,live one day to live is a little survivors ,we should how to survive  Cheap David Justice Jersey ,how to treat the surviving feeling, I think the key is not only to Zijiu ,more important is to revitalize ,revitalize is spirit ,to be meaningful Louis Vuitton Purse ,the Zijiu of strength ,power ,finished dead comrades ,friends ,relatives and friends of unfinished business ,the pioneer spirit and carry forward this tradition ,for the dead to be bright, that when you go to the one step when there is no regret Cheap Chipper Jones Jersey , also do not Zijiu ,friends ,I say right Comments :Jiangsu province Huaian city Chuzhou District South Gate Cultural Station mailbox :jinkuang2007@163 . my emotion interaction with static month ( ensemble) , relationresultToday, no matter what kind of things, have let people cannot tell the true and false .Just because it is the fate of the false and without the slightest thing ,false has also released .Like eggs and father .The egg is since three in one furnace out, however artificial eggs have been like some group ,the product of the enterprise ,just the right packaging and speculation ,the city ;this thing also false not ,because all the children all is the father in a day or the day high Hing ,and unwittingly makes work  Cheap Bob Uecker Jersey ,but in fact ,if now dads to school the children out of their seats for a paternity test ,lucky father cannot say nonexistent ,and poor fake dad what is there, and many .So ,the life in the commodity and the guide are dancing with wolf society, one must have a pair of tell things such as Spiegel eyes ,two must be out some time to study art of war in the corner ,otherwise ,you stupid ,but to a certain extent — what degree People will you sell ,you are smiling to help people number money !In fact even the woman between the holy and pure and noble love ,namely  Cheap Bobby Cox Jersey ,also has been fulfilled ,the Cao Xueqin that exposing the world classic: real and true also false ,sometimes there was no nothing .As far as I with static month .I and static months between no need to let others. Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Wholesale T-shirts   Wholesale T-shirts   Cheap NBA Hats   Wholesale Shirts Free Shipping   Cheap Shirts Free Shipping   Cheap T-shirts Wholesale   Cheap NCAA Hats