Tips from Pilots (Discussion)

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As a Captain you cannot hide from enemy radars - stay in reach of your team.

There is an error in last tip. Anomaly Generators are fired from Guards not Destros

Always choose the blue pill.

Oh and don’t forget that your shield regen speed scales with the % of energy you have left in your capacitor, and that the energy consumption also varies depending on what % of your capacitor is left, so wait for it to regenerate a little before using the ABs again.

If you see a Thar’ga, run in the opposite direction.

More serious tips:

  • It is often better to have higher resists than more shield/hull volume, since you will take less damage and will repair faster.
  • Turn on “ship information: full” in the settings, as this will really help you when fitting modules.
  • Don’t neglect speed tank: if the enemy can’t hit you, they can’t damage you!
  • Protect your engi. If you keep him alive then he will keep you alive.
  • Learn the maps. There are sometimes shortcuts and ways to sneak round the back.
  • This is space, so it’ possible to flank from above and below, not just from the sides! Try to think in three dimensions. Also don’t forget that the enemy’s gate is down.
  • Squad up! It’s both less boring and you will win more often (if you are both good pilots and Milf isn’t on the other side :P)

You can Afterburn backwards! Do this simply by holding reverse and afterburning [Shift].

While this normally only increases your reverse speed by a little bit, most fighters can equip a Cruise Engine. Having at least one Cruise Engine equipped nearly doubles your reverse speed when “backburning”. In some fighters, it is possible to fly backwards at around 200m/s… as fast as a frigate is flying forward… allowing you to shoot at a chasing enemy while backing away from them! This is also invaluable for stopping yourself (“braking”) before running into an asteroid at high speed!

Take note that afterburning backwards still uses energy, although at a slightly reduced rate than regular afterburn.


My tips:

* The [Phoenix](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/30494-developer-blog-from-may-17-phoenix-and-reaper/) empire engineer frigate (rank8) has a second option for its special module, called ‘Phoenix drones’. These are incredibly effective against interceptors. If the pescy intys come sneak you up and chickenly circle you, in your Phoenix you are no longer helpless prey for them - now you have a good chance. Plasma blade - haha no threat any more! Even coward sneak attacks from tackler fighters are no longer making you doomed to destruction, you also have a good chance to win the fight against them.


“If you throw money at the game, you will see a drastic increase in your effectiveness!”

Here is my tip:

Never buy anything from the Store, unless if you think that it’s  absolutely necessary!

Only spend GS , when there are discounts or sales, but always for 40-50% and  never for less!

This includes all sorts of Containers from the Store, Premium ships, Premium ship parts for ship assembly, Premium license and other GS related items that you can get.

Combat Recon:
Nothing can hide from the captains. If they are the captain, all the enemy ships see them too.
Don’t forget this as covert ops, lrf or tackler.

EM scatter field: You are removed from the radar, but not invisible!
Adaptive: Same as above.

If you’re doing monocrystal daily mission in Open Space, you can self-destruct and dock in hangar, after it’s completed!

If you have a Premium ship, you will pay no repair cost! This will save you time.

For small things like micro-locators and drones, lock on first and its much easier to hit. An LRF can knock out all of them pretty fast if locked on first. This includes torps in special game modes as well. (Special Game Modes == Figure it out) ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Also manual lock on is better in nearly all cases; auto lock can be turned off in settings just make sure lock on has a key binding…

Also if you don’t like alt+tab’ing to do Discord things then:


Discord In-Game Overlay for overwolf…

You will need Overwolf for this and don’t even need discord running in the background.

It uses the webpage version; just don’t close it (the overlay), instead minimize it while in game or press alt+D…


OH and for the love of Star Conflict, stop flying in a straight line and staying in one spot. Always stay in motion, whether strafing or maneuvering… I see someone flying in a straight line then I think easy target and shoot.

Use objects and asteroids in Open Space to your advantage when fighting multiple enemies at once.

Take a good look at the enemy team, analyse and eliminate the threats before they become real.

Fulfill roles that are missing in your team to ensure the victory.

Think about your builds, cover the basics.

Do not try to kill a Tyrant in close combat! This will cost you your ship!

Use the Covert Ops craft’s “Plasma Arc” to destroy lots of modules on a destroyer very quickly. But be careful: they can be repaired!

16 minutes ago, EndeavSTEEL said:

Do not try to kill a Tyrant destroyer in close combat! This will cost you your ship!

Fixed that for you

If your team has no healer, take a healer.

Capitalize and fight on your terms.

Game starts, look at whos there. Pick someone that is most likely to influence the enemys success the most and harass them until they hate their team.

You see a Thar’ga piloted by a guy with average skill? Open a new dimension, meet up with friends on the outer rim and offer them physical cover agains incoming enraged teammates.

When challenged from a Thar’ga, you have to evaluate if the equasion of brainpower, nutritunal status and tunnelvision is worth the efford. If the answer is no, simply alt-tab the game and wait for the familiar sound of defieck. Afterwards leave a cheeky like, so they can enjoy their glory even more.


27 minutes ago, millanbel said:

Fixed that for you

I’ve said that because of it’s special module

Use your modules wisely! Don’t use them all at once. Activating your modules at the right time can save you or a fellow pilots life!

Are you certain that you will lose? Is defeat inevitable? Do you see too many Thar’Ga ships? Do you dislike to be the Captain in your current ship?

You want that the Matchmaker screws someone else than you instead?

Are there any other legitimate reasons?


 If so, worry not!

You can leave the battle by clicking on Leave battle option and select Yes.

You will not get any rewards, but you will keep your honor intact!