time to remove bots?

time to remove bots?


they are really annoying me the hell out when im using cov ops camo, when im escaping from enemy i get aimbot lasers from either a guard or long range on me. or a gunship railgun with overcharge.

so damn annoying.


remove bots from atleast tier 2 and tier 3. there are enough players here.


add bot if 3v3 game so it becomes 4v4, add bot when 2v2 game so it becomes 3v3. no need for bots in higher games. this also excludes a 12 v 12 match. cause maximum is just 11 v 11 + 2 bots. when it should be 12v12 games. 


I fact I will be happy if bots are removed in all tiers. I have enough aimbot with the “aces” fitting A1MA.

Honestly I’d be fine with removing bots at 3v3 and 4v4 too. Rarely are they any good and usually just serve to feed the other team kills. When they are good it’s because they chose a class that uses lasers with 100% accuracy.


I have enough aimbot with the “aces” fitting A1MA.

Hey, it finally gave me a reason to try out Gunships  :004j:

I’m just tired of stupid bots feeding kills to the enemy during team deathmatch.


I’m happy with a 1v1 match. Bots should only be for target practice or PVE. As long as teams are distributed evenly there is no logic to placing a bot in the lineup. They should have never been in PVP to start with.

They don’t need to be included in 10v10 and up. Below that, they’re useful for making the game feel fuller.

The bots should be removed entirely from games with 4+ people in it already. In T1 I think it’s good for newbies to train and shoot bots to figure out how to fly the ship, starting T2, no bots required.

In T1 only the bots should have a different color. making it obvious who’s a player and who’s not.


The 100% accuracy and de-cloaking capabilities aside, they feed kills.

Who doesnt hate the ecm bots… xxxx up the game.


Btw, it’s a xxxx PvP game. Ffs.

Btw, it’s a xxxx PvP game. Ffs.

Pointless argument is pointless. The bots are intended to simulate players, and they have been present in “PvP” games for years, from Perfect Dark to Quake to Unreal Tournament.


Everything I’ve seen in this game leads me to believe it is not designed for small matches, especially not when pugs are involved. As such, Bots are required to push the player count up and get something closer to the optimum ship count so the game will be closer to balanced. To that end, in low-player times there should probably be more bots - it should not be possible to get a match with less than 8 players per side, bot or otherwise.