Tier V Mark 5 Invasion Exclusive Blueprints: Make them available through missions!

Suggestion: (Levelling and Economy)

Subject: Tier V Mark 5 Blueprints



Summary of current situation:


We can get the blueprints by only 4 or 5 available means so far, where you could obtain an Invasion exclusive tier V mark 5 blueprints.


Current situation:

Open Space: You may obtain a random blueprint, but for that you need to use Spatial Scanner, unless if you suspect his location, you may uncloak it without it as well.

Store:            You may obtain a random blueprint in the “Adventurer Pack” (350 GS) with very rare possibility.

PvE:              You may obtain a random blueprint from tier V PvE purple daily loot spot.

Special Ops: You may or you used to obtain a random blueprint in one of those 3 purple loot spots. It is unclear at this time, if such rewards are still available from those missions or not.

Daily Login:  You may obtain a random blueprint on every 5th day login, but the chance is extremely low.


Giving the blueprints out of the hangar directly to other players is not possible either, unless if you contact some player directly, while you’re still holding such cargo in Open Space.

I am not talking about the Trade system here. Just the possibility, to undock with your previously stored blueprint schematics from your armory in the Hangar to Open Space.

That would at least reduce this problem, but it would not solve it completely.





I am suggesting an implementation of a new system, which is basically already implemented.

Missions, that we used to have from Ms. Summer, is one such example of good practice.

Now only some details will change. I will describe them all.

Instead of existing options, we can now offer an exclusive and optional choice of getting such Invasion exclusive blueprints available from missions.




Contact missions, those with a green exclamation mark on your middle right should now present a a guaranteed chance to get such blueprints.

All the details will be listed in the description, as well as any other requirements, to fulfill such contact missions.

You may only select 1 such mission on every 5th day!


Mission restrictions:

  • completion only achievable in Open Space mode


  • completion only achievable in PvP mode, but with slightly changed set of rules

  • tier V ship only

  • specific ship class

  • specific weapon type

  • specific weapon upgrade level requirement: (Tier V Mark 4 in all cases)

  • specific location in Open Space

  • specific enemy in Open Space

  • blueprint reward is predetermined and the blueprint is presented to you in a random order

  • cancelled contact mission may or may not repeat in your next available contact mission

  • already learnt blueprints will not trigger the specific mission, even if you never completed it before



  • each already completed mission cannot be repeated the 2nd time (if you sold your blueprint, instead of learnt it, you’re out of luck)

  • you can only activate 1 such mission per every 5th day login reward

  • each mission gives you 72 hour time window (3 days) to complete it

  • you can only have 1 active mission at a time

  • if the time limit expires, mission is automatically cancels or fails (can be started again in the future, but from the start)

  • such contact mission can only be accepted, if you logged in on the 5th day and if you accepted it on the same day

  • you cannot choose the blueprint you want (however, you’re given only the mission, for which you’re missing the specific blueprint)

  • only marked targets count for a kill or objective


How to identify such targets:

  • special icon markers are present (similar, but not the same to Agent icons)


Frequency of such targets:

  • moderate


Reward will be always the same. Tier V Mark 5 Invasion Exclusive Blueprint, which cannot be purchased directly.

You cannot repeat the same contact mission, if you had already successfully completed it. You will not be given the same blueprint twice, ever.


Example: You need to get tier V Mark 5 Eclipse Launcher blueprint only.


Employer: Unknown


We need you to test an Eclipse Launcher, so that we can accumulate more data on the efficiency of the weapon. It is obvious, that you will need the Engineering class for this job.

Go to Federation Research Center and destroy 100 enemy Pirate Agents, which were involved in the attack on our Research Facility in the *specific* system.

After the weapon testing is complete, we will reward you with our blueprint schematic.


Completion time limit: 72 hours

Recommended or required role: Engineering class only

Required Weapon and upgrade level: Tier V Eclipse Launcher Mark 4


However, if for any reason or due to technical issues or limitations, you cannot implement any additional restrictions, you can simplify the requirements.

Maybe you need to collect containers in some sectors and deliver them to some other location or station. There is a lot of possibilities.

Another option is just to kill such targets in PvP battles in tier V.

Missions may vary, but the point should always be the same. The weapons you use and you want to upgrade to Mark 5, requires the use of such weapon, which must be Mark 4.


The point is that we get one more option to already existing system.

Nothing would change for what we already have now.



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my alternitive option for this wud be, if you have 10 or 20 or 60 of the same kind. use them all to swap them for a sellected blueprint. coz having them stacking up in your invent is a waste.

my alternitive option for this wud be, if you have 10 or 20 or 60 of the same kind. use them all to swap them for a sellected blueprint. coz having them stacking up in your invent is a waste.

I already wrote a similar [suggestion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26507-add-special-pirate-cargo-transactionexchange-drone-in-fort-muerto/), when it comes to blueprints.

I’ll add it to the suggestions list.

I’ll add it to the suggestions list.

I appreciate it.

It would make our experience more diverse and richer.