Three new ships for a future version release...

Three Federation Rank 11 premium pirate ships - a Covert Ops, a Gunship and an Engineer


Owl (Covert Ops) - 31122, Lv4 Energy Consumption of Covert Ops Modules -20%, Lv8 Crit Damage +20%

Sphinx (Gunship) - 22113, Lv4 Effects of Gunship Modules +20%, Lv8 Afterburner Drain -23.1%

Basilisk (Engineer) - 31221, Lv4 EM Spread & Speed -20%, Lv8 All Shield Resistances +10 pts


Short and simple… T4 needs more premiums and more energy input.



Got any model examples? Stats? Nothing? Elaborate more.

I cannot determine stats or models. I think that the models should pretty much reflect the essence of the Federation ships obviously, but the names as well’ it’s all up to how the modellers interpret the image of this sort of thing.

There is an issue!

which is


There is an issue!

which is


Have an issue? Take a tissue.

LoL atleast we tried…

Omega is right!!!


I would be happy with a covops what called OWL :slight_smile: But No for the rest.

Gotta have 'em ask though Gizmo :frowning:

By the way, the Kite was originally called the Owl in pre-beta stages I believe. Only right they make an iny called the Owl and make it T4 as reparation ^^