Things I'd Like to see addressed in the next month.

This is a list of things i would like seen done asap.

- Sniping

One of the largest problems this game has right now is sniping. This is because if the fleet stay’s together, you develop a blob effect. and because of the general mechanics of the game, an organized group with pure snipe on it will be untouchable to anything. We tend to see this in games where you get things like a game where you have 80% of the group with 25-35 assists and the other group with 1 kill. This badly needs to be fixed.

Recommendation : Add an internal mechanic that any weapon that go’s beyond 6.5k does not damage. Nerf all weapons accordingly, as well as all abilities. this will also increase the desirability of other weapons like plasma, and short-range beam weapons.

- Energy Fix:

This is a major issue that needs to be addressed, and is really hurting the game in so many ways its unbelivable that this issue has not been addressed. Energy is a mechanic that has potential of solving almost any problem in the game. Why this has not been used correctly, I have no idea. One of the issues will be addressed regarding this below (See Defense) these two sections will work in conjunction with each other. In short, all of the modules need to cost energy, and a lot more of it. energy should be the way to prevent spam of modules, and the modules should not have a cool down. this will enable the player to work with micro-managing, there is currently a post about adding rotating shielding from various sides to other sides, but this is not needed if the cool down on active modules is reduced, and energy becomes the main factor on considering if you want to use your offensive or defensive modules at any point in the battle.

In my opinion this is the greatest problem in this game.

Recommendation : Increase all energy costs. If the modules are over-time effects (like Support Aoe heals) Increase it to 15-20 e/s. If they are warfare related damage mods, make them 20-25 e/s. If they are repair modules increase their energy to 76-85 per a use. Add energy costs to all weapons. Railgun (10-15 energy per fire) Lasers (15-20 energy per fire) Plasma (3-5 energy per fire)

  • Defense

Another great problem the game suffers from is dependable survivability. at times i have the ability to regeneration and tank 3-5 seconds of damage at most. This is a huge issue because any heavy sniper damage will break this already weak tank in 2-3 shots. The problem is not with sniper-gun damage, its with tanking and the way defensive repair modules work.

Hull tanking is another issue. Its not viable at the moment to tank as a hull tank. Shield regeneration from passive modules are greater then that of active, and have no cool down or cost to use. why would i ever go for anything by passive tanking? Further, Hull needs to be changed to armor (a third life type) so as to fix issues like mass of the ship and pointer-related issues, as well as make armor tanking viable.

Recommendation : Add a third life type “Armor”. Make “Armor” the tanking type for the current “Hull Tanks”. Remove or vastly lower timers on modules like Active repair (Shield boosters). **(this will take some balancing after these changes but its worth it).**Make shield tanks regenerate faster, but lower amounts at a constant speed. Make armor tanks regenerate at intervals for larger amounts. Give armor tanks a slightly higher amount of resistance.

Note: a cool concept is making armor tanks not use shielding at all, but just out right having armor to tank (a sort of second shield type). Give them biological armor that self-regenerates that way armor slot modules like “increase regeneration of armor by 50%” will be more viable.


(Ship Upgrades)

A good way to stabilize the economy right now is to change the way that ships are upgraded from experience required, to credit requirement. this will also help stabalize the economy before the market even hits, and will keep inflation at a low and put value on the credits (which btw is getting a little inflated we need more credit sinks in the game and this is a great way to do it). This will enable players to play the ship they like upgraded if they have the means.

(Capacity Upgrades)

Capacitor slots should becomes “generalized slots” so that you can fit any 5 capacitors in the slots, however there should be a stacking debuff for stacking the same module. If you have a 40% regeneration capacitor and 5 slots, that is 200% regeneration, but it should work out to be something like 130-140% instead of 200%.


Lastly, There is an issue with supporting game community. Largely in the capacity of clans, and grouping. you currently have a limit on squad creation restricted by the type of license you have. This is a really big mistake, and disencourages any guild from really being made except those with large amounts of players that have a lot of money in a world recession. You have to understand that the game will be built around free to play people that will likely never spend more then 100-250$ here (unless the game is just amazingly super uber good which its a long way from). Its around these people the game will thrive, you should build to serve them, not the paying people. If you do this, the game will thrive. The paying people will pay pretty much no matter what. For example, i am buying a monthly license just to help the game.

Recommendation: Remove the squad-License requirement, and enable a cap of 8 at current. Clean up the UI of the squad list. Add Clans, and some sort of way of distinguishing people who are in your clan from others in combat. Something noticable so that when you pug 8/16 you know who your guildies are. things get a little messy in heavy engagements.

but some of his points are actually valid


for example: hull tanking in fact it is much worse than shield tanking because shield tanking has all the passive regen module, and much shorter CD for active repair modules

It seems that there are some different points of view in this discussion.

Could you all please stick to the game details and pro’s and contra’s!!!

hmm my opinion about this :

Sniping : i think pretty much more better now than used in old days, we got weapon overheat and energy use in sniping mode isnt funny too. about sniping one hit kill, change your shield mod to respected resistant, like example most sniping ship using laser, grab your anti thermal things.


Energy : i dont think increase energy for module gonna solve the thing, as Aura Ship ussualy already use alot energy make itself barely can move or shoot without good capacitor, means another sacrifice on mod slots. cooldown of things also already alot better than im used to know, so im also kinda disagree about we can spamming things, not mention if get hit on hull (no shield) we got “module failure” that force-shutdown your active module to cooldown state. grab your piercing rocket and do some damage.

and be glad, none of those interceptors capable for aura buff, aura fighter and aura frigate is easier to hunt down (if you know where they hiding).


Tanking: actually, if the old mechanic not changed, we dont need “armor type” , we already have it, hull weakness is railgun shot while it take less damage from plasma. shield weakness is taking more harm from plasma while got less from railgun shot. lasers? they do same damage on both (this main reason why it wide-used for sniping).

About hull tanking, im actually kinda agree that we need bit more buff for this,as fast as your shield gone, the hull barely can withstand some shot (without piling resistant) , especialy large size ship like frigate took more damage due the mechanism : more shoot landed = more damage. And frigate is a big easy fat target…

About Biological regenerate hull… on higher tier ship exist mod for it.


uuuh… economy and market…? we can sell/buy things to/from other player here? i think imma pass on this topic, not my speciality…


about capacitor, i kinda want his suggestion for have multiple stacking of same capacitor… but thinking that might make things worse… like stacking alot shield capacitor make your ship unkillable…


i dont have any comment for corp and squad , since pretty much im solo-ers. just so far as free player, i think should something added for lure more player… like… weekend buff? (money gain, rep or contract?)… or more event ?

Atm, i see no need to nerf the damage of the snipers. However, I understand Uhmari’s point of how if everyone were a sniper and stayed together, they would become untouchable. I think there should be more of a cost for sniping, perhaps a longer cooldown time before shooting again? But don’t touch the damage, snipers should be able to obliterate anyone on sight.

the cooldown of sniping already nerfed based on your energy actually, it eat alot of energy and most of times overheat only with 1 shoot (if it can overheat).

Tier ship also counted, as more energy limit and mod slots…

so the conclusion for this : we need more player for more balance …


also sniping not only the way… there’s also missiles from jericho for example…

if weapons costed energy, the problem may be resolved quickly. it would force people to spec for energy regen, making them easy targets to kill, as a result, faster ships that get back there basically have easy kills, this may be a means.


as for the sniping, it has gotten better, but the damage of heavy weapons specifically is to much, these weapons specifically need to have impact (Gun damage) nerfs, not nessesarily dps nergs, but impact nerfs (Example heavy plasma is 357 impact damage, reduce to 250)

Topic cleared.

The discussion would be interesting if personal problems would stay out of it so please stay on topic.

the weapons used to drain your energy in closed beta and early open beta…maybe we should make a roll back to this balancing since it was expirenced very fair and well balanced - please Error :smiley:


however if you lower the damage on heavy weapons you should remove slow barrels aswell, otherwise the weapons will turn useless in cqc engagements…

the roll speed has nothing to do with the damage.

the point of slow rolls is to help the weapons be less accurate, this is because

larger weapons in general just own ceptors.

the lower accuracy is need because the weapons deal that amount of damage so interceptor stand a chacne…but once the inter is close enough it’ll leave the frigate no chance of self defence ==> lower the damage on all heavy weapons and remove the slow barrels…