they're hacking! we want to take some measures ???

Please let me draw the attention of developers and mods again!


As soon as I reported xyrma, they stopped making points in that strange way … so I continue to report!


Please check the “[XYRMA] xenomorph” and i “[FAITH] last man standing” corps, in war. Because they are making points in a strange way. These things didn’t happen against any other corps:
they attacked us, we can never find them in pvp and when we meet them against, even if we kill them 6 times at 0, we don’t make more than 200 points! They instead make thousands of points without ever meeting us! how is it possible?

Then most of the times they come against us they disconnect! or even disappear from the battle without leaving a trace of disconnection! so as not to allow us to recover points!
we told the [XYRMA] that we knew they were hacking, I made the report on the forum and like magic the strange events are over and now we are winning against [XYRMA] of over 80’000 points!

but the [FAITH] are doing the exact same thing! they went inexplicably 10,000 points ahead. and then they disappeared, and they always and only happen in TEAM with me! sometimes it seems as if they changed the matchmaking and also as if they had reversed the points assignment! because the few times we meet them, we kill them but they make more point than us! that is not possible!
if you kill a destroyer 6 times, never die, do 200 points, I think it’s a little too little!


Please check! it is not beautiful and it is not right to lose with these toys, when you are stronger!