There should be a bigger difference in ship sizes

When I’m in the hangar, the people next to my interceptor look pretty big. However, the people next to my frigate look tiny. But when I’m  battle, they look like similar ships, just the frigate is slightly bigger! I think that the fighter should look as big as the frigate compared to the interceptor, and the frigate should make the interceptor look tiny in comparison. I think it would add to the immersion. Who also thinks the sizes need revamped?

For example picture number one would be a frigate and fighter, and picture number two would be a frigate and interceptor.



What do you mean by in battle? On camera, your ship looks kind of the same size. Other people do look larger or small enough, and interceptor is tiny. It’s not cruise ship to small boat tiny but it is small enough. If sizes were changed then Frigates would be very easy to hit.

You can always set your zoom in or out to the scroll wheel and zoom in a little for your Frigates and out for interceptor. While in a battle.

Immersion at cost of balance? No thanks. 

Fast moving interceptors are already blessed by the Ping God. They really don’t need any more help.


Besides, if you made frigates any bigger we wouldn’t be able to see around the damn ship models!