The Workshop - Expand Mark 5 research functionality for all items!

Only a very few items in general have the option to be upgraded to the Mark 5 variant.

Existing system should not be changed, but only expanded for all of the items that can only be upgraded to Mark 4.


This includes:

  • destroyer weapons

  • destroyer modules

  • ship weapons

  • ship modules

  • all equipment in general


Items will require the same crafting components. Keep all of the criteria the same for material upgrades, except:

  • decrease the cost of monocrystals by 67%

  • add one more resource - refined Iridium (equivalent coefficient for Iridium cost - T3-50, T4-100, T5-150 units)


Mark 5 should also become researchable - increased credit cost and loyalty vouchers as a free alternative, when fully researched.