The weapon system inhibitor needs improving. They ruined it.


okay, let’s start with the damage boost. not needed.

the energy drain? it’s small and does practically nothing. not needed.

the boost in how much it takes down enemy damage? that was asked for. thank you for delivering. 

10 module second active. no. this is something that must not happen. at all. the energy should be consistently ciphened from the pilot’s ship to use this thing consistently. that was fine. this change is stupid. 

This change ruined the module. completely. This module must be able to be used 100% of the time to be effective in the slightest against any kind of high dps ship that will simply negate the effect completely with ease.Fix it.5 second active time, what’s with this and what does it apply to exactly? If this is how long it takes for the damage reduction to the enemy lasts… For starters, that’s far too short to be of any use. this module must be returned back to its original function. Damage reduction only. 52% is great and honestly needed. it’s a module that should be activate-able at all times to be even remotely useful.

Fix it now. 


-pokes community~

if it’s going to be like this, the damage reduction had better well be at 99% - _ -

Signature masking on a guard is now worth 10x more than this.